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3DPrinterOS announces partnerships

In a move to simplify the design to print process, 3DPrinterOS have formed partnerships with Siemens, Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk, and Onshape. At the moment, designers are forced to save files to their desktop, locate the source file, and then submit the job into a file share or email, while another resource has to download it, prepare the job, and depending on the facility, manually work through this process, generating a lot of overhead.

But now by utilizing the 3DPrinterOS cloud platform, thousands of designers can directly 3D print out of the top CAD tools like SolidEdge, SolidWorks, and Fusion 360.


“We believe designers should be able to print and manufacture parts with the lowest amount of latency. The designer has the most innovative potential to disrupt the future.  Our goal is to unlock that potential. Our mission is to reduce the latency from design to manufacturing and distribution as close to zero as possible.” said John Dogru, CEO 3DPrinterOS

Native CAD to Web 3D Print integrations with Siemens, Dassault Systèmes, Autodesk, and Onshape design tools will drastically improve manufacturing productivity and workflow by utilizing the 3DPrinterOS cloud platform.

“We found enterprises were wasting a lot of time sending designs through emails, sharepoints, FTPs, and deviating 3rd party systems. 3DPrinterOS deploys within 30 minutes and secures your entire AM manufacturing workflow, with an extremely easy-to-use platform that is highly scalable, while drastically reducing overhead. We are excited to enter more partnerships so we can provide all our Enterprise users with a seamless CAD to real-time direct 3D print capabilities and end to end integrations with manufacturing execution systems.” said Anton Vedeshin, CTO 3DPrinterOS.

It has taken 6 months for the collaboration project to give all the top CAD manufacturers’ users direct print capabilities. The goal is to give users of the most widely used enterprise CAD tools seamless and direct 3D print capabilities this year.

By connecting these design tools into the 3DPrinterOS platform, the workflow for these CAD users will be simplified, allowing native direct manufacturing from Autodesk, Siemens, and Dassault Systèmes products right into production.


About 3DPrinterOS:

3DPrinterOS is a company based in Silicon Valley that is building the largest and fastest-growing virtual factory in the world, enabling real-time Web to direct 3D printing. Its cloud infrastructure helps businesses and universities of all sizes securely access and manage their analytics, users, files, and manufacturing machines from a single interface. Trusted by companies such as Ford and Cisco, and universities such as Duke, Yale, Purdue, UTEP, CalTech, UMD, and UC Davis, 3DPrinterOS has manufactured over 62,000 parts in 100+ countries in the past 8 months.