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The Colours, The Options: JewelDistrict Launches New Colours and Two-Toned Plating Options for Custom Jewellery Design

JewelDistrict, a 3D jewellery printing service based out of Korea, has added six new colour plating options and two-tone plating. The new options launched display a variety of options and finishes that ought to entice jewellery designers. While this news would be enough for a summer drop, JewelDistrict plans to open a 3D printing marketplace fostering relationships between customers and jewellery designers. Jewellery designers and those who enjoy a shimmering adornment will appreciate JewelDistrict’s new colour line-up: 22K Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, Blue, Brown, Green and Purple. However, one of the more interesting additions is the ability to cover two-toned plating, which involves combining two choices from 22K Yellow Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, Pink Gold, White Rhodium, to Black Rhodium. The quality viewed on JewelDistrict’s site speaks to their growing and well-earned reputation.

Jeweldistrict colors 3d printing

In case there are any concerns about global reach, JewelDistrict boasts worldwide distribution capabilities and quick manufacturing time. The Seoul-based company promotes the ability to ship from the assembly line in five days for raw brass and silver and in 10 days for various satin or polished finishes or plated jewellery. This is quite a feat with a paltry team of six enthusiastic 3DP programmers with a decade worth of experience coupled with a jewellery maker with a penchant for gilded excellence.

Jeweldistrict two plating 3d printingJewelDistrict’s confidence may be well-suited thanks to the quality and breadth of finishes now offered along with two-toned plating options. For optimal efficiency regarding 3D printing, the company turned to the suppliers of the high-quality electroplating PINO ALIPRANDINI in Switzerland and LEGOR GROUP in Italy, leading providers of precious metal plating products. And for jewellery designers curious about material make, all platings are nickel-free and suitable for high quality jewellery. With current options ranging from Rockstar opulence in a shiny skull ring to understated sophistication in brass thread-bundle earrings, JewelDistrict has the look and then some.