3D Printing

3DPI Publishes The 3D Printing Beginner’s Guide in More Accessible Format

A few weeks ago, 3DPI published “The Beginners Guide to 3D Printing” — a comprehensive and wholly free resource — via 3dprintingindustry.com. This online publication has been extremely well received, with unprecedented visitor numbers making use of such a valuable resource that provides the reader with clear and unbiased insights into all areas of the 3D printing industry.

Now, 3DPI is delighted to announce that it is making this guide more freely accessible for readers — in a downloadable PDF format. The particular aim of this PDF release is to help support educational establishments that are embedding 3D printing in to their curriculums to provide valuable and reliable background information and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that are considering and researching 3D printing for the first time. However, any interested parties are welcome to download it.

The “3D Printing Beginner’s Guide” was put together as a specific resource for newcomers to the 3D printing industry, the publishers believe that anyone interested in 3D printing, regardless of their skill level, however will find this document a valuable resource and reference point.

In terms of content, following an overview and introduction to the technology field, the guide offers historical perspective, before going into further depth on 3D printing technology, processes, materials and applications. The guide also offers a global perspective on the technology in terms of its effects and the real benefits and value that can be gleaned from implementing the technology today.

The 3D Printing Beginner’s Guide is currently available in English, with plans to release it in multiple languages in the coming months. Chinese and German translations are already underway.