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3D-Printed Primates to Tote from Kipling

Kipling, the Belgian-based bag and luggage company, has recently released a teaser video demonstrating their upcoming 3D printed handbag called “The Monkey Madness City Jungle Shopper”.  Slated to launch in Spring 2014, and sure to appeal to ladies who love monkeys, men who love monkeys and all folks who love losing coins, the handbag is a perfect balance of whimsy and novelty.

Kipling 3d printed bag

The Jungle Shopper pays tribute to the company’s namesake, author of The Jungle Book, as it interweaves fashion and technology.  The bags were printed on a stereolithography (SL) machine, the original — and therefore oldest — 3D printing process. By utilising a large format SL 3D printer, the bags emerge fully-formed from a vat of epoxy resin, resulting in a smooth, flexible and detailed print that would be difficult to achieve through other printing methods. How durable the bag will be if used for anything other than special occasions remains to be seen.

The logo and handle are the only parts not 3D printed, they are attached once the printed body is cleaned and finished and, voilà, a handbag for the fashion forward.

Watch below!

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