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The 3D printing of food has been an evolving method of food production over recent years, and the uses within this application are set to grow even more. Additive Manufacture within the food industry has allowed designers combine [...]

For the past two years Jason Mosbrucker and Luis Rodriguez Alcalde have collaborated as the 3DigitalCooks. As Luis says the duo are, “passionate and obsessed about 3D food printing.” Last week the 3DigitalCooks hosted several work [...]

Here at Choc Edge we're always looking to improve the experience of our customers, whether that's through upgrading the machine itself or the software that comes with it. This April they announced exciting new developments in both [...]

A new fruit printer could inject some fun into your desserts, as well as some cream, if Dovetailed raises the £200,000 it needs to create the first 100 nufood units. It can create specific shapes from pre-packaged liquids and raw [...]

Lucio Pentagna Guimares Neto is one of those inspirational men that is constantly looking to change the world. His radical thinking has led to the first maker space in China, a hack vacation farm in Portugal and he is not close to [...]

One thing I could never deny myself: chocolate. I absolutely love the stuff. Now Dutch design studio Michiel Cornelissen Ontwerp is bringing something delicious to the 3D printing industry. XOCO is a 3D printer that can create cus [...]

  Italian food leader Barilla to change the way we eat our pasta? Indulging in luxurious food's is something we all love to do, although, there has been a lack in innovation when it comes down to creating new ways of crafting [...]

The manufacturing prowess of 3D printing has been proven to be a tremendous disruptive force in a host of technological fields, constantly breaking barriers of what was previously thought possible and tackling issues which couldn' [...]

A Finnish company is working on high-tech vending machines that 3D print healthy, custom snacks on demand.   VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd has unveiled its ambitious plans to create the machines that we have on [...]

  On April 12th 2016,  the 2nd edition of the 3D Food Printing Conference took place in Venlo, The Netherlands. On the back of a first year successfull edition, Jakajima offered again this year an attractive conference, bring [...]