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This is a guest post in our series looking at the future of 3D Printing. To celebrate 5 years of reporting on the 3D printing industry, we’ve invited industry leaders and 3D printing experts to give us their perspective and predic [...]

ShareCloth, a computer software company headquartered in Moscow, has announced the forthcoming release of an app to help designers create 3D printed garments. The ShareCloth app has been developed by the company in a bid to provid [...]

Alexis Walsh, a fashion designer from New York specializing in 3D printing, has unveiled her latest piece - the APEX Coat. Walsh' newest piece, following a collaboration with designer Justin Hattendorf, features 3D printed studs t [...]

Wiivv Wearables, a Canadian 3D printing start-up, aims to revolutionize the way people shop. Their plan is to bring at end to ordering the wrong size clothes when shopping online. To do this the company have launched an app that a [...]

In a new interview with Google’s director of engineering, author and futurist Ray Kurzweil, has shared some of his most recent predictions for the future of technology with the New York Times. Kurzweil is a firm believer that, As [...]

Mingjing Lin is a fashion designer currently studying for her PhD at Royal College of Art, London. Her current project is an ongoing exploration of 3D printings use in fashion and textile design. In her recent collaboration with P [...]

Earlier this week, 3DPI reported on the Adidas Ultraboost Parley shoe made out of 3D printed recycled plastic from the ocean. Reebok has also recently been seen using its Liquid Factory technology to 3D print accents for the sole [...]

Smart bandages, virtual reality gloves, sportswear that manages body temperature, a Samus Aran Zero Suit...the possibilities of smart fabric are endless: and champions of nanotechnology innovation, Nano Dimension, appear to have c [...]

3D printing technology is constantly evolving and changing, and now that there are multi-color, multi-material 3D printers out there, the fashion industry is being along for the ride. Designers are able to push the technology even [...]

Danit Peleg is an Israeli fashion designer we've talked about before on multiple occasions, and it's no wonder- her 3D printed fashion is fantastic. Since graduating from Shenkar in 2015, she has brought a fusion of technology and [...]