• Clarkward

    I wonder what allowances had to be made in the fire codes for this. It’s a brilliant achievement and I am a 3D printing true believer (Mendel, Rostock, and a new one in construction), but most plastics are flammable enough that I worry about the safety factor. Anyone familiar with the plastic that they’re using and can comment?

  • William Lue

    One solid follow-up with exciting details. Makes great read !

  • Rick Louden

    I am waiting on atomic 3-D printing, where a computer takes the atoms it needs to print something from a plasma and prints it. This would be replicator technology and would end man’s need for economies creating a “Star Trek” type of world. Alloys would be better as atoms would be perfectly spaced in the mixture. You could print food, cell phones, houses, cars, you name it. Garbage and waste could be dumped into the plasma and disintegrated to its basic atoms for printing new things. This would fix the land fill problem and make recycling the natural way to go. People could donate their junk, garbage and waste for the building blocks of the new things they want or need. Starvation would be a thing of the past as long as people quit breeding like bacteria. The entire planet would be a garden of Eden.

  • moladi

    Four questions: 1. Social acceptability 2. Cost per square meter of wall external and internal (should the thickness vary) 3. Thermal properties of the wall 4. UV resistance