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Wub wub: That’s the sound of the Heartbeats project

Thanks to the latest in 3D printing technology, club-goers at the Heaven Club in Warsaw, Poland were recently able to ring in the summer by dancing to a beat literally generated by their own heartbeats. Together with DJ and music producer Piotr Bejnar, Zortrax enabled this unique performance to be brought to life. The intriguing music was a spectacular finale of the Heartbeats Project, the Polish extension of Ballantine’s Stay True Stories global campaign.

Heartbeats Project. Image: Zortrax
Heartbeats Project. Image: Zortrax

By using music based on the audience’s live-captured heartbeats, dancers had a unique opportunity to be a part of the Heartbeats Project.

The bracelets capture the beat of the wearer. Image: Youtube
The bracelets capture the beat of the wearer. Image: Youtube

“Since I was 16, music has been everything to me, and everything has been the music.” said DJ Piotr Bejnar. He once played a show with so little space on stage that he had to set up in the middle of the dancing crowd.

Piotr Bejnar. Image: Zortrax
Piotr Bejnar, Heartbeats Project. Image: Zortrax

“I felt how their pulse affected the music I was playing.” From there, the idea of the Heartbeats Project was born, to create live music together with the audience.

A Zortrax M200 3D printer was used to make the bracelets.
A Zortrax M200 3D printer was used to make the bracelets.
Image: Youtube

According to mood, activity, or feelings, the human heart changes its rhythm. Capturing that unique beat and making it possible to play within the music spinning in the club required advanced technology.

Enter Zortrax

With the help of a Zortrax M200 3D printer, Piotr was able to print bracelets that would measure people’s heart rates and send them to him wirelessly. High-quality production and the availability of various materials allowed Bejnar to create devices to completely achieve his vision. The 3D-printed bracelets were equipped with pulse meters and communication modules. Then all he needed was a crowd to help him create his musical masterpiece. After weeks of exhausting rehearsals, DJ Piotr Bejnar performed a one-time live-act by mixing the music with the audience’s live-captured heartbeats wirelessly transmitted straight to his DJ console.

This isn’t the first time Zortrax has helped create amazingly creative designs. You can also read about their upcoming M300 printer here.

About Zortrax

Zortrax is a leading global manufacturer of 3D printers. The company, established in Olsztyn, Poland, creates an integrated 3D printing environment including printers, software, and materials for printing. Zortax’s solution results in high reliability and full control over the printing process, allowing users to create functional prototypes, models, and projects while reducing both the time and costs of many business processes. Zortrax’s 3D printing systems can be utilized by companies of all sizes, starting with large enterprises and finishing with small and medium ones, and even one-man studios. Zortrax’s solutions have been recognized with a Design Alive Award for best strategist and for the Zortrax M200 (2014), as 3D Hubs Best Plug & Play Device (2014), and as 3D Hubs Highest Rated Desktop Device (2015).

Feature image: Zortrax