Become Your Own 3D Printed Super Hero, Courtesy of Zortrax

Out of all of the desktop 3D printer manufacturers out there, Zortrax may be among the best to show off their 3D printers’ capabilities through the creation of amazing 3D printable designs. Their robotic arm was a highly sought after item and their 3D printed MIDI controller was something I’m still looking to get my hands on.  Their latest is a beautiful Batman-esque cowl sure to entice any cosplayer, despite not being associated with any actual superhero universe.

zortrax 3D printed super hero

Jumping after the countless cosplay designs executed with 3D printing, Zortrax designer Piotr Czyżewski created a generic superhero character that could show off the capabilities of Zortrax 3D printers. On the back of the cowl is a spinal element, modeled after a protective shield, red LEDs are used to create the character’s red eyes.

zortrax 3D printed super hero back

The 46 individual parts were sliced in Z-Suite and 3D printed over the course of 11 days, before being screwed together.  No post-processing was required, given the already-polished look that HIPS, in this case Zotrax’s Z-HIPS, has when printed.

zortrax 3D printed super hero parts

Though it may take a bit of time to complete, Zortrax has made this mask available for free download so that, once you print the mask, you can put it all together yourself.  All you’ll need is some 3 mm screws, an Allen wrench, 4 12-volt LED lights, cables, a 12V power supply, glue, and a soldering iron for wiring the LEDs and power supply. By giving away the files, Zortrax is demonstrating the customizability offered with 3D design and 3D printing.  You can modify the design to your preference and 3D print the parts in the colors of your choice. If you’ve got a 3D scanner and the skills, you can even modify the design to fit your own head!

zortrax 3D printed super hero different colors

While it may not belong to a particular Super Hero universe, it is definitely worthy of one.  Maybe a 3D Printed Justice League? Definitely not an original name, but it’s something. Anyway, I’m open to suggestions.