VELOX, Asahi Kasei, LIFE materials, and Lubrizol to present new 3D printing materials at Fakuma

VELOX, a German materials company, together with long-standing distribution partners Asahi Kasei, LIFE materials, Lubrizol and Völpker Spezialprodukte GmbH, will present a new range of 3D printing filaments and SLS powders at the Fakuma 2018 trade fair next month in Friedrichshafen.

VELOX’s Fakuma materials range

Following VELOX’s partnership with SK Chemicals, which produced the SKYPLETE range of thermoplastic materials, the new range of materials from VELOX, focuses on specialist raw materials suitable for manufacturing FDM filaments and SLS powders. Furthermore, as an official distributor for Asahi Kasei, a global Japanese chemical company, VELOX will showcase its ASACLEAN purging compounds.

Such compounds are used to clean thermoplastics molding machines and extruders. The material is designed to have low-residue properties as well as a low affinity to metal surfaces for optimum cleanliness which results in reduced costs and maintenance efforts.

ASACLEAN purging compounds. Photo via ASACLEAN.
ASACLEAN purging compounds. Photo via ASACLEAN.

From LIFE materials, a materials technology company based in Hong Kong, VELOX will showcase two of its antimicrobial additive materials LIFE CI/AM-00-1A and LIFE DS/R-00-1A. The first material is designed for car interiors, for engineers seeking hygienic plastic parts with reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. The second material is a silver-based antimicrobial additive which can be used with polymers such as polycarbonate (PC) or ABS “at half of the dosage rates of competing products on the market.”

In addition, Lubrizol will introduce its new high-performance material, Estane ZHF 90AT8 NAT01 polymers designed for cables in robotics, construction, and communications. The initial Lubrizol Estane range was launched earlier this year. Estane ZHF 90AT8 NAT01 also demonstrates high flame retardancy and high heat resistance. Finally, VELOX will be debut VOELPKER’s latest special wax multi-purpose additive WARADUR OPplus used in injection molding.

The Estane TRX TPU outsoles. Photo via Lubrizol.
The Estane TRX TPU has been used to produce shoe outsoles. Photo via Lubrizol.

Covestro, a German manufacturer of high-performance polymers, will also debut its novel 3D printed shock absorber demonstrator which uses three different materials and additive manufacturing processes at Fakuma 2018.

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Featured image shows VELOX filaments. Photo via VELOX.