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UCrobtics Release uC3DP Private Cloud

Beijing UCrobtics Ltd. have officially released their ‘uC3DP Private Cloud’, a 3D printing system solution. This is different from other 3D printing cloud box services and this one of the first Private Cloud systems in China.

So what does “uC3DP Private Cloud” mean?

uC3DP Private Cloud is a set of enterprise users (education, design research and development units, etc.) who provide a Private Cloud 3D printing solution that enables cloud management and control of 3D printers through LAN. Compared with other public cloud solutions, because the use of the internal network, the core server and software are controlled by the user. Therefore, data confidentiality is better and there are less delays that usually happen due to internet speed. The private cloud is compatible with more than 95% of FDM 3D printing equipment, and the real-time monitoring screen can reach 10 to 15 frames per second, rather than the Box Public Cloud’s five seconds per frame.

Whether it’s to develop a students ability to innovate, or to speed up the work time of a product designer, 3D printers are a great tool that are always changing form. Designers and students do not need to waste a large amount of time assembling 3D printing equipment, operating the machine or maintaining it. This means they can spend more time focusing on developing their design rather than putting this effort into the actual machinery. The administrators for the printers in the system can handle up to twenty printers per admin.


The process to use uC3DP Private Cloud is said to be very simple. If you already have the model data, you can upload your model to the cloud print service and upload the data model parameters and material choice. Then the printing of the model can begin.

All print orders submitted by designers are collected by the administrator task scheduler. The selection is completed in a few clicks and the print job data is sent to the selected model 3D printer, without manual contact with the 3D printing device.

When users upload more and more models in the future, the data management of models will become very important, as there will be more to keep track of. uC3DP Private Cloud  provides a convenient and effective management method and allows the user to upload photos when uploading the models, as well as add a description and tags, making model viewing more convenient. Additionally, uC3DP private cloud can also provide an online preview of 3D models through webGL, and users can also download the model or order it to be printed directly.


uC3DP Private Cloud uses a Unified Web Access Entry. Processing happens on the cloud server, including model testing, repair and slicing, the system does this automatically. The printing process is a fully automated, one-button push print system, and the printing progress can be viewed in real time.

As we have seen, uC3DP Private Cloud appears to solve a number of corporate clients’ (schools, design firms) problems, providing them with a more convenient solution.


About Beijing UCrobtics Ltd

Beijing UCrobtics Ltd. is a high-tech company focused on intelligent platforms, system integration, embedded research and development. The company advocates the spirit of open source software, the direction of interest covering embedded GNU / Linux, Lin automation technology, 3D cloud print control and image recognition processing. The launch of the completely self-developed 3D printing uC3DP Private Cloud solutions is designed to help with those in need of 3D printing technology. Users no longer have to worry about tedious printing operation and device management. Let 3D printing serve people.