UAU exhibition showcases the pretty and practical of 3D printed objects

Working within the concept of practical, aesthetic design, multi-disciplinary Polish design studio UAU has created a selection of everyday items that bring 3D printing to life. Displayed in an exhibition titled LAYERS, the project has been organised as part of the initiative to promote Polish design abroad.

Cutting edge design on a desktop 3D printer

While UAU has previously produced 3D printable concept furniture with a DIY twist, LAYERS designs are produced to be downloaded and 3D printed (or “home manufactured”) on a desktop 3D printer.

The studio states that “3D printing is the best way to make good design accessible,” and in accordance with this, each piece is both fully functional and has a unique element.

Retaining an environmental conscience, LAYERS objects are also designed to be made using bio-degradable PLA filament.

Assembling UAU's "Groww" greenhouse. Image via
Assembling UAU’s “Groww” greenhouse. Image via

Design examples

Groww, for instance, is a concept greenhouse for one plant. It combines an set of inner and outer 3D printable pots to hold a plant, and a plastic ring into which a jar can be secured to recreate the insulating conditions of a greenhouse glass. The design combines the recycling of glass while bringing greenery to small living spaces. A similar product, Vase1, turns a jar into a vase by being affixable to the top of a glass jar.

The LAYERS project’s Neptune lamp is perhaps the most unique product with respect to appearance. Designed to accommodate an Ikea STRALA cord, the lamp can be customised with different lampshades, while its brightness is controlled entirely through its positioning.

Neptune lamp. Image via UAU.
Neptune lamp. Image via UAU.

Visuals and value

The LAYERS designs bring low carbon-footprint designs to tight urban environments. In this sense, intentionally or not, UAU have brought a new dimension to the debate over the physical and conceptual value of infinitely available 3D printed objects. If the balance between aesthetic appeal, practical value and environmental friendliness are among the primary criteria, then the LAYERS designs are worth very much indeed.

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Featured image: LAYERS exhibition catalogue cover. Photo via: UAU project.