3D Printing

Treatment for the Sole: NYC Chiropractor Treats Patients with 3D Printed Insoles

Not long after SOLS Systems took their 3D printed insoles to market in August, the mass-customized SOLS orthotics have begun helping the medical practitioners in the US, specifically Dr. Steven Shoshany, a chiropractor in New York City.  Dr. Shoshany has just begun offering custom 3D printed insoles in his office, where he works alongside a team of doctors, physical therapists, and massage therapists to help patients, including local athletes, to reduce pain and increase mobility.

Dr. Steven Shoshany 3D prints SOLS custom insoles
Dr. Steven Shoshany at his practice.

With SOLS custom 3D printed insoles, doctors can scan their patients’ feet, which can then be used to 3D print insoles from NASA-grade nylon.  Shoshany has added their product to his tool belt in dealing with his New York patients, who walk and run as their major form of transportation. In dealing with athletes, such as CrossFit competitors and marathon runners in the busy city, the doctor sees tailor-made insoles as a benefit to reducing the musculoskeletal problems that may radiate from the ankle up to the lower back.  Injuries almost anywhere in the body may become exacerbated by imbalanced footwear.

Shoshany explains, “I like to have a wide variety of techniques at my disposal because not all my patients are the same. They have different lifestyles, and different ideas of health and healing. They are as diverse as this city, and there are no cookie cutter approaches to treating such a demanding, and active population… Most people don’t realize that bad footwear and bad movement mechanics don’t only result in sore or tired feet and ankles. Dysfunction can run up the kinetic chain and cause knee, hip and back pain.”

The chiropractor is just one among many who have begun offering SOLS as part of a treatment regimen for patients with foot and muscoskeletal problems.  If you’re looking for your own pair of custom insoles, you can search for providers at SOLS here.  Or, if you’re a practitioner hoping to prescribe their 3D printed orthotics, you can get certified here.