3D Printing

The Customisation Value of 3D Printing

The ability to acquire unique, one-off desirable items has traditionally incurred tremendous expense, but that no longer needs to be the case thanks to 3D printing and some very creative design work.

We have become aware of a new 3D printing project that is about to be launched — for the consumer — that takes advantage of one of the key benefits of the technology, namely customisation.

The ‘me-too’ mass produced culture is losing a great deal of ground as many people seek to explore and express their individuality, and while that will always incur a premium, it is a premium that many are willing to pay. One-just-one is a new project, which according to the website, is going to be launched imminently on Kickstarter — the premise is that consumers can buy a truly unique product, from a range of collections created by a community of generative designers. Each product will only ever be produced and sold once. The designs, once selected by the consumer, will then be 3D printed by Shapeways and sent to the purchaser.

This is a fascinating manifestation of “mass customisation” offered by a start-up company, that will afford many individuals the opportunity to acquire unique, beautiful products and in the process it will introduce many more consumers to the exciting benefits of 3D printing.

We will check back on how the project develops and keep you updated here on 3Dprintingindustry.com.