3D Printing

Tampa Bay Photo Studio Becomes the Latest to Move Into 3D

We said before that 2015 might be, among other things, the year where photogrammetric 3D scanning based 3D printed portraits will make their way into photographic studios worldwide. Cool Dims, a studio in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, has become the latest to add 3D printed portrait capabilities through, leveraging on its previous experience as professional portrait photographers.

Cool Dims11

The new 3D Portrait Studio uses a custom camera rig capable of taking photographs from 92 different angles in just a split second. This means that it can be used to scan full size adults and large scale objects but also children and pets – or adults in difficult to hold poses and postures – who would not be able to stay still on enough for a rotational laser or structured light 3D scanning system.

The studio’s high performance computer then work together with photogrammetry based software (photogrammetry is the technique of taking measurements through photography) to stitch together the high resolutions shots into a 3D image. The 3D model can then be easily exported and 3D printed for the final physical portrait.

Cool Dims01

The studios catalogue includes portraits – both 2D photos and 3D physical photos – of children, adults and pets in many typical settings, such as high school sports or on the job situations for policemen and firemen.

The full body scan – required for all 3D portraits – is actually the most expensive part of the offer, with price set a $159,99 and possible additional fees for items such as wedding dresses, caps, gowns or specific costumes and uniforms. The 3D portraits start at just $49,99.

Cool Dims05

Cool Dims also offers a 3D Portrait Package which includes the full body scan, the 3D portrait, the Sketchfab 3D model and a free 20 minute 2D portrait session for $249,99. It sounds like a great offer but most of all it sounds like something that many more studios will soon be offering as well.