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Take a WonderLuk at This Online Destination for Made-to-Order 3D Printed Fashion

Emerging out of stealth mode last week, London-based start-up WonderLuk has launched in public beta as an online retail outlet offering 3D printed fashion, jewellery and accessories — specifically targeting confident, style-conscious women. WonderLuk’s co-founder and CEO, Roberta Lucca, tells me that the initial response she and her partner, Andre Schober, received when they presented WonderLuk at Decoded Fashion in London for the first time last week, was absolutely incredible and was followed by many in the audience crowding around the products to try them all.

The product line is an intriguing mix of different collections, initially spanning bracelets, brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings and phone cases for the iPhone 5S. The range has been exclusively designed for the WonderLuk brand with a team of talented product designers and architects from the UK, Italy, Russia and Japan. Every piece is made to order and will be manufactured on 3D printing machines located close to the customer, the aim being to make fashion less wasteful and more responsible.

3D Printing WonderLuk

Initially, the brand is available to customers in the UK and Europe. Further countries will be added over the coming months. 

Roberta went on to explain the manifesto behind WonderLuk: “We’re entering an era in which customisation, co-creation and made locally are becoming extremely valuable to the modern consumer. The fashion value chain hasn’t caught up with these demands yet. Our vision is to make fashion personal again by offering women highly desirable made to order 3D-printed fashion.

“I want to give our customers striking fashion pieces that only exist because they want them to exist. We love empowering women to stand out, and celebrate their individuality. Hence our company mantra: Don’t blend in. Ever.”

I love that mantra, although, for me, I’m not sure “Ever” would work, sometimes going unnoticed can be an advantage! That said, I’ve found talking about and/or wearing 3D printed pieces makes it almost impossible to blend in, so I can say, from personal experience, they’re onto something.

3D Printing WonderLukInitially all WonderLuk products are made from sintered nylon with a range of different finishes. The WonderLuk team have curated their favourite colours and finishes for each product but customers are invited to use the Customisation Studio, allowing them to choose from a wide range of vibrant colours. WonderLuk is working on other materials and will introduce titanium, stainless steel and silver shortly. The current lead-time for customers to receive their made-to-order piece is usually less than 2 weeks.

I’m a fan already — “shock, horror,” I hear you exclaim!

You can see my favourite on the right: