3D Printing

Styx & Journey Undergo 3D Printing Treatment from Source3

Source3 has been making an increasing number of deals to see licensed content made 3D printable. Collaborations with Capcom and the U.S. Army have seen previously 2D images made 3D as bright, 3D printed collectibles through their manufacturing partner, ZVerse. But, if anything deserves the 3D printing treatment, it’s psychedelic album covers from classic 80s hair bands. Today, Source3 announced an agreement with global branding firm Epic Rights to 3D print the covers for two classic albums: Journey© Escape and Styx© Paradise Theatre. You can now order full-color 3D prints of these epic works of art exclusively through Amazon.


Scott Sellwood, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships for Source3, said of the deal, “Source3 is proud to partner with Epic Rights to a create first-of-its kind product in 3D album art. We’re thrilled to start with iconic albums from Journey and Styx, two of the most celebrated American rock bands of all time.” Meghan Mernin, Director Licensing for Epic Rights, added, “Epic Rights is always looking for innovative ways to license premium quality merchandise for our bands’ passionate fans. We are excited about the unique products and merchandising opportunities that 3D printing technologies unlock.”

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These albums were made 3D printable through ZVerse’s unique Layr platform before 3D printing with full-color Color Jet Printing technology from 3D Systems. As Journey and Styx head on tour this summer, the 3D printed albums will be promoted to fans of these classic rock bands. If you thought that Styx and Journey were too retro for such a futuristic technology, I’d tell you, “Don’t stop believing.” But I don’t want to sound silly, so I’ll just tell you to believe whatever you want. You can purchase Escape here and Paradise Theatre here.