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It’s Snowing 3D Prints for Victoria’s Secret & Swarovski

Victoria’s Secret is a global lingerie brand that is always looking to push boundaries, particularly when it comes to its highly anticipated annual fashion show, which this year will be airing on United States TV channel CBS on 10th December. And this year’s show will, for the first time, incorporate 3D printed fashion items for the brand, designed by architect Bradley Rothenberg from 3D printing company Shapeways and Swarovski who in collaboration have produced the “Snow Queen”.

Victoria's Secret swarovski 3D Printing

Victoria's Secret swarovski 3D PrintingAccording to Victoria’s Secret collection design coordinator Sarah Sophia Lidz: “It’s exciting that we get to use this [technology] — we’ve never done it before. It’s the first time, and it will be perfect for this section, too.” The section of the show she is referring to is called Snow Angels: “and it’s really a nod to the iconic Victoria’s Secret theme, with beautiful white wings inspired by snowflakes, snowfall, frost, the northern lights—there’s a lot of Swarovski.”

And so the ‘Snow Queen’ ensemble fits right into this vision — it was customized to precisely fit the model — Lindsay Ellingson — who will be wearing it. She underwent a full body scan to produce the correct dimensions for the pieces, before they were 3D printed at Shapeways.

The whole 3D printed snowflake ‘outfit’ includes a Swarovski Crystal-encrusted corset, a head piece and boots. According to Duann Scott of Shapeways: “This is the first [3D printed] piece for a mainstream brand — with a focus on the elegant, sensual form — not just rigid and stiff and alien-like. It’s wearable.”

Post processing Victoria’s Secret swarovski

However, in a picture that is the complete antithesis of the Victoria’s Secret show, the image on the right demonstrates some of the post-processing required to get to the end result:

Hard to deny it’s a bit of show stopper!

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Image Credit: Thomas Iannaccone

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