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Instant Shoe 2 Puts Fashion Foot Forward at Prague Fashion Week

Pavla Podsedníková is back with the Instant Shoe 2. Recently, at the Design and Fashion Week in Prague, the designer unveiled her new shoes. Known for her unique designs that fit her feet and fashion sense, Pavla continues to impress with sleek heels at Designblok’13. The designer implemented Stratasys products for her chic printed shoes using multiple materials. She sang praise for the technology, saying,

The special thing about the unique multi-material 3D printing with the Objet Connex 3D Printer is that you can create a product with a number of different materials simultaneously in one job, without having to assemble them one-by-one. When it comes to design, this empowers us to go beyond the traditional boundaries set not only by other 3D printing technology, but also traditional manufacturing methods.

Pavla Podsedníková DesignBlok’13 Instant Shoe 2 Rachel eloquently covered Pavla’s early work, her first Instant Shoe collection, and now we see the widening appeal of the artist. With her new line, Pavla took advantage of Connex capabilities to print footwear from a combination of rigid and flexible materials. Without the need for assembly, Pavla used a rubber-like black material, Tango Black, for a soft insole with naturally curved support, in conjunction with the rigid, opaque VeroGray material, for support.  The structure gave the models functional, yet sleek shoes, for their slender-limbed gaits down the runway.

Pavla’s collection continues to innovate and explore possibilities in custom footwear tailored to individual dimensions, needs and aesthetic values.  It’s my belief that such a trend could eventually tear us away from brand compliant consumers to individual expressions of design. Instead of buying something because we are told it will make us look good and cool, we can wear fashion we make look good.

Source: Stratasys