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Smart 3D Printing Comes to the Busiest Street in Europe!

Things3D is taking its smart approach to the 3D printing ecosystem to the streets of London. Actually, to a very specific street in London — the busiest one there is, particularly at this time of year.

Taking its trademarked SmartSelfie concept and applying a bit of Christmas magic, Things3D, in collaboration with my3Dtwin is setting up a Pop-Up store in the Cumberland Hotel right by Oxford Street, the retail capital of the UK capital. The premise for popping up here — for an event officially called ‘Walking In A Winter Cumberland’ — is that the companies are offering “the ultimate novelty gift” this Christmas: a personalized miniature colour 3D printed Christmas statue.

3d photo booth things3d

You will need to attend in person, because, as Things3D says, in order to 3D print your miniature statue, they must first take your photograph to obtain the necessary 3D image.  However, this part of the process is completely free of charge, and Things3D stresses that following the scanning process there is no obligation to pay anything. Only if you decide to go ahead and purchase the 3D printed statue will there be a charge levied.

The pop-up store is opening on Monday, December 1st and will be located at the Cumberland Hotel, in Great Cumberland Place in London, right off Oxford Street and next to Marble Arch tube station.

3d gift christmas things3d

Places are limited and the advice is to book now to avoid disappointment. For anyone heading to Oxford Street to do their Christmas shopping through December this year, it could be a great way to duck out of the crowds for an hour and get an original gift for family or friends. One they can bring out year after year!

More information about the event and scan bookings can be completed here.