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Sliced 3D Printing Digest: Shell, SLM Solutions, EnvisionTEC, Methods Machine Tools

In this edition of Sliced, we bring you 3D printing news involving: Shell, CEA, SLM Solutions, SAP, Voxeljet, EnvisionTEC, 3Shape, Nano Dimension, Luxexcel, Methods Machine Tools, and a 3D printed guinea pig wheelchair.

Shell unveils concept car in Bengaluru

Oil and gas company, Shell has unveiled their Project M concept car in Bengaluru which aims to reduce emissions and maximise efficiency. The car has been designed with 3D printed components and according to Shell’s Kevin Doyle, it can achieve 38 km per litre (100 mpg).

Readers of 3D Printing Industry will be familiar with the use of 3D printing to create energy efficient cars with the Divergent Blade. On the other scale, 3D printing has also been used to develop the Bloodhound Supersonic Car that will attempt to break the land-speed record.

The Shell concept car. Photo via Autocar India.
The Shell concept car. Photo via Autocar India.

Australia’s first tech accelerator

The QUT Creative Enterprise Australia (CEA) has announced the country’s first tech startup accelerator. The Collider Accelerator is a five month accelerator program aimed at ‘Creative Tech’ . The program will give ten tech startups $20,000 AUD ($15,000 USD) in investment in exchange for 4% equity in the companies. Areas the accelerator focuses on include 3D printing, robotics, and internet of things (IoT) among others.

Executive Manager at CEA, Mark Gustowski said,

The creative industries contribute around $90-billion to Australia’s economy every year, yet there is limited recognition and programs targeting this sector. We know there are already successful creative tech accelerators run in the UK and USA, so we are looking forward to delivering a first for Australia.

Applications close on the 4th May.

The creative tech considered by CEA. Image via CEA.
The creative tech considered by CEA. Image via CEA.

SLM Solutions to partner with SAP

German metal additive manufacturing company, SLM Solutions has announced it will become a partner with software company SAPThe German software multinational has developed ‘Distributed Manufacturing’, a digital manufacturing software that SLM will now have early access to. The software is intended to accelerate industrial use of 3D printing.

Uwe Bogerhausen, CFO at SLM Solutions and currently assuming the roles of CEO following recent management changes, said,

Industrial cooperations are an important part of the enterprise strategies of SLM Solutions Group AG. This further enhances SLM Solutions’ development into a comprehensive solutions provider for additive manufacturing and will allow SLM Solutions to grow faster than the market.

SLM Solutions recently announced its full financial report for 2016 reporting a 22% increase in revenue.

3D printed tire mold segment Photo by SLM Solutions
Metal 3D printed tire mold segment. Photo by SLM Solutions

Voxeljet AG financial reports

German 3D printing company Voxeljet has reported its annual financial results for 2016. The report documents revenue losses $6.7 million for the fourth quarter with annual revenues decreasing by 7.2% to $23 million.

Voxeljet additive manufacturing Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet. Photo by Michael Petch.
Voxeljet additive manufacturing Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet. Photo by Michael Petch.

Voxeljet is the manufacturer of large industrial 3D printers and were key in bringing the 103 year-old Delage Type-S Grand Prix car back to life recently. The company was also enlisted to create the 3D printed liquid metal Ford Torino art piece.

The 3D printed sand molds created at CSIRO Lab 22. Photo via Voxeljet.
The 3D printed sand molds created at CSIRO Lab 22. Photo via Voxeljet.

EnvisionTEC and 3Shape offer Turnkey System for 3D printed in-ear devices

Global 3D printing company, EnvisionTEC has announced a new partnership with 3D scanning and software company 3Shape to offer 3D printed in-ear devices. CEO Al Siblani explains the announcement,

EnvisionTEC is proud to continue partnering with 3Shape to deliver an integrated solution to the in-ear device market. Together, our 3D technologies delivers fast, reliable, custom solutions to hearing care professionals and their patients every day,

EnvisionTEC recently unveiled a new 3D printer, the Vida cDLM and dental 3D printing material at the International Dental Show in Cologne.

The EnvisionTEC Vida 3D printer and 3Shape scanner. Image via EnvisionTEC.
The EnvisionTEC Vida 3D printer and 3Shape scanner. Image via EnvisionTEC.

Nano Dimension files patent for 3D bioprinting

Israeli company, Nano Dimension has filed a U.S patent application for “bio-artificial multi-layered complex structures composed of cells, extracellular matrices, supportive components and stable and fugitive inks.” The application refers to a 3D bioprinted nephron-like structure which simulates the blood filtration that occurs in the kidney.

Co-Founder and CFO of Nano Dimension, Simon Fried shared his thoughts recently on the future of 3D printing in our ‘Next Five Years’ series.

Luxexcel unveils 3D printed lenses at VEE

Having just received approval by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for their 3D printed optical lenses, Luxexcel is keen to showcase the creation at the Vision Expo East (VEE) in New York. The company, headquartered in Belgium, will be unveiling the lenses for the first time at the show.

The Luxexcel team at Vision Expo, New York. Photo by Marco de Visser on twitter.
The Luxexcel team at Vision Expo, New York. Photo by Marco de Visser on twitter.

Methods Machine Tools launches new automation center

US manufacturing company, Methods Machine Tools has announced the launch of a new Automation and Integration Center in its Charlotte, NC facility. The center will open some time this spring making use of a 10,000 square foot facility.

Mr. Bryon Deysher, president and CEO of Methods Machine Tools, Inc said this about the news,

Manufacturers are increasingly realizing that incorporating automation and robotics are key to their productivity, profitability, and future. Our new Automation and Integration Center will provide expanded capability for all projects spanning the U.S. and enhance the value of our customer experience at every level. I envision the future need for expanding this model in other regions of the U.S. as well.

Methods Machine Tools is a partner of 3D Systems who recently commercialized their Figure 4 system, it will be interesting to see if this automation centre incorporates the technology. The company’s subsidiary Methods3D has also just announced the launch of seven new additive manufacturing labs in the United States.

Injured pet guinea pig gifted 3D printed wheelchair 

Finally, 3D printing has been used to aid an injured guinea pig. Luna, the guinea pig, was unable to walk having broken her leg until students at Lorain County Joint Vocational School (JVS) 3D printed a wheelchair. Fastened with paper clips and some straps, the guinea pig is now able to get around easily.

The 3D printed wheekchair in 'Hot Red". Photo via Lorain County JVS.
The 3D printed wheekchair in ‘Hot Red”. Photo via Lorain County JVS.

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Featured image shows Luna the guinea pig in her 3D printed wheel-chair. Photo via Lorain County JVS.