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Shining 3D launches the FreeScan UE 3D scanner – technical specifications and pricing

3D scanner manufacturer Shining 3D has launched a new handheld metrology-grade 3D scanner.

Offered in two distinct models, the FreeScan UE is the latest addition to the high-performance FreeScan series. The device operates on the company’s own blue laser technology and boasts both high precision and stable repeatability. Designed for dynamic use on the shop floor, the FreeScan UE is primarily aimed at engineering and inspection professionals in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing tooling.

Sunny Wong, Product Manager at Shining 3D, explains, “Innovatively adapting blue laser 3D scanning technology, convincing with high accuracy and stable repeatability capabilities, rounded off by easy and convenient hardware and software handling, the FreeScan UE will empower professionals across industries to effectively and precisely upgrade their digital workflows in engineering and inspection tasks.”

The FreeScan UE 3D scanner. Photo via Shining 3D.
The FreeScan UE 3D scanner. Photo via Shining 3D.

Professional 3D scanning with Shining 3D

As a key player in the 3D scanning space, Shining 3D’s system portfolio covers everything from handheld metrology devices to small-scale desktop inspection systems. The company’s FreeScan Trak CMM scanning system offers portability and wireless connectivity with accuracies of up to 0.03mm. With a recommended part size of 0.2 – 0.6m, the FreeScan Trak is well-suited to large part scanning in a variety of working environments.

The AutoScan Inspec, on the other hand, is a fully automatic desktop scanner with a scanning area of just 100 x 100 x 75mm. Featuring an accuracy of up to 10 microns, the AutoScan Inspec uses two 5.0MP cameras for non-contact inspection and quality control applications.

Looking at Shining 3D’s flagship EinScan series, the EinScan H and EinScan Pro lines are designed for a more general range of applications in sectors such as automotive, art, healthcare, and computer graphics.

3D scanning mechanical components with the FreeScan UE. Image via Shining 3D.
3D scanning mechanical components with the FreeScan UE. Image via Shining 3D.

The FreeScan UE 3D scanner

Marketed as a high-performance metrology system, the FreeScan UE 3D scanner offers an impressive accuracy of up to 0.02mm and a volumetric accuracy of 0.02mm + 0.04mm/m. The base UE7 model features 14 laser lines while the upgraded UE11 scans with 22 laser lines. With a maximum scan area of 510 x 520mm, users are provided with a field of view suitable for larger scale reverse engineering projects.

The system is also designed to be ergonomic and lightweight, with a mass of only 670g. It’s not uncommon for operators to be on their feet for extended periods of time with larger scale 3D scanning projects, so this is crucial in avoiding fatigue in the workshop. As a bonus, the FreeScan UE is also capable of capturing black and reflective surfaces, unlocking a wider range of scanning applications regardless of the ambient environmental conditions.

On the software side, the scanner runs on Shining 3D’s own user-friendly operating system. The package comes complete with comprehensive setup instructions and guidance throughout the entire 3D scanning workflow, making it suitable for beginners and veterans alike. To top things off, the scan data can also be exported to third-party programs such as Geomagic Control X, Verisurf Inspect, and Einsense Q with a single click, further streamlining efficiency.

The FreeScan UE in its carry case. GIF via Shining 3D.
The FreeScan UE in its carry case. GIF via Shining 3D.

Technical specifications and pricing

Below are the technical specifications for the Shining 3D FreeScan UE 3D scanner. The device is available to order now. Visit the Shining 3D store page to request a quote.

FreeScan UE7FreeScan UE11
Scan accuracyUp to 0.02mmUp to 0.02mm
Volumetric accuracy0.02mm + 0.04mm/m0.02mm + 0.04mm/m
Scan speed650,000 points/s1,020,000 points/s
Working distance500mm500mm
Depth of field300 – 700mm300 – 700mm
Scan area510 x 520mm510 x 520mm
Point distance0.05 – 3mm0.05 – 3mm
Light source14 lines + 1 blue laser22 lines + 1 blue laser
Laser class2M2M
Dimensions298 x 90 x 74.5mm298 x 90 x 74.5mm

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Featured image shows the FreeScan UE 3D scanner. Photo via Shining 3D.