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Creaform adds ACADEMIA 20 3D scanner to education portfolio – technical specifications and pricing

3D measurement system manufacturer Creaform has announced the addition of the ACADEMIA 20 3D scanner to its educational product portfolio. 

Designed specifically for use within the classroom, the ACADEMIA 20 is optimized for scanning small parts, and making 3D printing them as easy as possible for teachers and students alike. When used alongside Creaform’s existing software suite, the scanner provides educators with a hands-on training tool, that enables them to demo the technology’s R&D, reverse engineering and inspection applications. 

“It is of the utmost importance that students be prepared for today’s demanding engineering sectors, including aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries,” said Daniel Brown, Product Management Director at Creaform. “Our ACADEMIA educational solution suite is a clear path to achieve that goal, especially as universities and colleges increasingly offer more programs specialized in additive manufacturing.”

An engineer using Creaform's new ACADEMIA 20 3D scanner.
Creaform’s new ACADEMIA 20 3D scanner is specifically designed for use by teachers, students and researchers. Photo via Creaform.

Creaform’s educational portfolio

Since it was founded in Québec in 2002, Creaform has built up a substantial scanner range, with varying feature sets to meet the needs of its different clients. For professionals, the company offers its HandySCAN and MetraSCAN products, with the latter being sufficiently advanced to enable product design, QC and reverse engineering applications. 

In terms of more accessible options, Creaform also markets its ‘plug and play’ Go!SCAN devices at a lower price point, which can reportedly be set up inside two minutes. Designed to scan any object with no preparation required, the firm’s Go!SCAN systems are geared towards entry-level adopters, and can be used by individuals of any background. 

On the education front, the company offers its ACADEMIA software, which includes a full suite of 3D applications, that give students all the tools they need to address their first engineering projects. Creaform’s digital package also provides adopters with unlimited access to complementary teaching materials, covering scanning, reverse engineering and inspection, that are in-line with industry standards. 

Elsewhere within its education-oriented portfolio, the firm markets its accessible ACADEMIA 10 and ACADEMIA 50 3D scanners. The lightweight, portable devices are purpose-built for use by students and researchers, and with the launch of the ACADEMIA 20, Creaform is effectively now offering these users a slightly larger but more accurate alternative. 

Creaform's ACADEMIA 20 being used to scan an engineering part.
Creaform’s ACADEMIA 20 (pictured) offers enhanced scanning precision compared to its predecessors. Photo via Creaform.

Introducing the ACADEMIA 20

Creaform’s latest 3D scanner has been built to provide users with precision, accuracy and ultimately ease-of-use. Within a scanning area of 143 x 108 mm, the ACADEMIA 20 is capable of capturing details up to 0.1 mm in size, putting it on a par with the ACADEMIA 50, and making it more accurate than the 0.25mm-capable ACADEMIA 10. 

In terms of recommended part size, the ACADEMIA 20 is able to scan objects anywhere from 0.05m up to 5m in size, potentially enabling teachers to demonstrate engineering tasks on a real-world scale. At 0.95 kg in weight, and with dimensions of 154 x 178 x 235 mm, the new scanner is also larger than its predecessors but generally remains light, portable, and small enough for academics to move from class-to-class. 

As an added benefit, Creaform is offering its new scanner in multiple bundles, allowing educators to customize their package to best meet the needs of their individual class, and teaching style. Customers can choose anything from one to fifty ‘seats’ of the ACADEMIA software suite, plus a one-to-five year care plan and a selection of free teaching kits.

Technical specifications and pricing 

Below are the technical specifications for the ACADEMIA 20. The scanner is available to order now, with prices starting at $7890 (although regional pricing may apply).

AccuracyUp to 0.250 mmUp to 0.1 mmUp to 0.1 mm
Volumetric accuracy0.500 mm/m0.300 mm/m0.300 mm/m
Measurement resolution0.500 mm0.250 mm0.100 mm
Mesh resolution0.500 mm0.500 mm0.100 mm 
Measurement rate550,000 measurements/s550,000 measurements/s550,000 measurements/s
Light sourceWhite light (LED)White light (LED)White light (LED)
Laser classN/A24 bits 24 bits
Scanning area380 x 380 mm380 x 380 mm143 x 108 mm
Stand-off distance400 mm 400 mm 380 mm 
Depth of field250 mm 250 mm 100 mm
Part size range0.3 – 3 m0.3 – 3 m0.05 – 5 m

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Featured image shows an engineer using Creaform’s new ACADEMIA 20 3D scanner. Photo via Creaform.