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Shining 3D and TechMed 3D partner for all-in-one human body 3D scanning

3D printer and scanner manufacturer Shining 3D has teamed up with 3D scanning software firm TechMed 3D to offer an all-in-one hardware and software body scanning combination. 

The offering includes Shining 3D’s EinScan H 3D scanner and TechMed 3D’s MSoft scanning software, and aims to better serve those in the orthotics and prosthetics markets who are looking to make the switch to 3D digitization.

“We are excited that, together with TechMed, we are now able to offer an all-in-one body scanning solution for medical applications,” said Rebecca Khoo, Product Manager EinScan at Shining 3D. “For us, working with proven software partners not only is enriching for the potential of our 3D scanners, but far more helping our customers to continually progress in their 3D digitizing endeavors.”

The EinScan H and MSoft human body 3D scanning combination. Image via Shining 3D.
The EinScan H and MSoft human body 3D scanning combination. Image via Shining 3D.

The EinScan H 3D scanner

Shining 3D’s extensive scanning portfolio comprises both desktop and handheld 3D scanners designed primarily for use by SMEs, professionals, and within educational settings.

The firm’s EinScan 3D scanner series consists of the EinScan Pro HD, one of its most capable handheld scanners with a point accuracy of 0.04mm and a processing speed of 3,000,000 points per second, and the original EinScan Pro 2X and 2X Plus scanners launched in 2018.

The EinScan H is the latest in the range to be released, launched alongside its industrial counterpart the EinScan HX in September last year. The EinScan H is a handheld 3D scanner designed for, among other things, acquiring a complete 3D scan of the human body safely and efficiently. 

The scanner features two capturing technologies, an infrared source and Shining 3D’s own proven LED source, which enables 3D data of hair and other dark objects to be captured with ease and without causing harm to the subject’s eyes. 

Equipped with a scan accuracy of 0.05mm and the ability to capture up to 1,200,000 data points per second, the EinScan H is well-suited to art, forensic, and healthcare applications.

The EinScan H 3D scanner. Photo via Shining 3D.
The EinScan H 3D scanner. Photo via Shining 3D.

Powered by MSoft

The EinScan H features a Body Scan Mode that is specifically suited to orthotics and prosthetics applications, offering high movement tolerance and an alignment algorithm that is set to process non-rigid objects. Using the scanner, clinicians are able to 3D scan all parts of the body, including the head, due to its ease of use and portability, weighing 703 grams.

In combination with TechMed 3D’s MSoft software, the EinScan H is capable of providing clinicians with clean scans within minutes. MSoft is specially designed for 3D scanning of the human body, allowing clinicians to easily and quickly obtain ready-to-use files to modify, design, 3D print, and fit orthotic and prosthetic aids.

Through a built-in camera on the EinScan H, users can see what they are scanning in real-time directly in MSoft to closely track and monitor the scanning process.

“At TechMed 3D, we are impressed to see the evolution of the products that Shining 3D can bring to the market,” said Michel Babin, Founder and CEO of TechMed.

“The EinScan H, by its ease of use and its speed, allows us to expand our digitization offer and access to other growth markets.”

3D scanning in the medical sector

3D scanners can be used to replicate any number of objects with precision, and are proving to be increasingly suited to the needs of medical professionals involved with prosthetics and implants. 

The 3D printing of medical models is currently among the most developed applications of 3D printing in the medical sector. When combined with 3D scanning and X-ray technologies, these tools can be a very important part of patient care and help surgeons to better prepare for upcoming treatments.

Just last week, IBM Watson Health and digital services firm Ricoh USA recently launched the latest version of their jointly developed end-to-end medical image exchange platform, intended to make 3D printing technology more accessible to the healthcare sector and simplify the process of creating 3D printed anatomical models.

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Featured image shows the EinScan H and MSoft human body 3D scanning combination. Image via Shining 3D.