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Sculpteo releases Fabpilot smoother 3D printing workflow solution

Cloud 3D printing service Sculpteo has released its end-to-end 3D printing solution platform Fabpilot “for more agility and flexibility” in manufacturing “than ever before.”

Like other digital thread solutions, Fabpilot is a software designed to connect every part of the production process, allowing seamless tracking of an object from its materials and design, right through to the customer.

According to the firm, “Sculpteo Fabpilot pushes the cloud further, bringing together project management, 3D data preparation and plant operations, so you can focus on manufacturing — not maintaining software or upgrades.”

Free product lifecycle management 

The “industry leading software” has been released by Sculpteo as free trial/demo packages, accessible via an email access code on the company’s website.

It has been tested extensively within Sculpteo’s own industrial 3D printing factories, which are capable of turning over more than 100,000 items from thousands of different files each month.

A batch of 3D printed pigs by Sculpteo. Photo via Scuplteo
A batch of 3D printed pigs by Sculpteo. Photo via Scuplteo

Four main features

The Fabpilot platform accepts more than 30 different types of CAD/3D modeling files, and enables digital analysis, repair and processing of each in preparation for 3D printing and manufacturing.

As a tool for project management, any item can be worked on in collaboration with multiple users in different locations.

Further, the interface allows jobs to be listed and prioritized, making the most of production capacity on the shop floor.

Quality control and logged data of job history means that managers also have “the ability to quickly quote, trace each project and see how the factory is performing” to identify areas for workflow optimization.

Toward the future

The release of Fabpilot is indicative of the current trend in the industry for production og end-user parts. As Sculpteo CEO Clement Moreau writes in our Future of 3D Printing guest article series, “demand for final products made using 3D printing keeps increasing year after year and this trend appears to be here to stay.”

Fabpilot stack statistics dashboard. Image via Sculpteo
Fabpilot stack statistics dashboard. Image via Sculpteo

Nora Toure, General Manager and Business Development Director at Sculpteo, also comments on the connectivity of a world that operates in the cloud, writing that “Innovation has always been a privilege lab-rat thing, and now, we can all innovate in our own industries and specializations.”

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Featured image shows a CAD modeled brake component in Fabpilot. Image via Sculpteo