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RP Platform becomes AMFG launches AI additive manufacturing software

UK based 3D printing software company RP Platform has re-branded as AMFG (Autonomous Manufacturing). In time with the new look, AMFG has also launched a new artificial intelligence platform to automate additive manufacturing in production.

“While 3D printing has the potential to transform manufacturing, we’ve seen the lack of a scalable production process as a key barrier,” explains AMFG CEO Keyvan Karimi,

“Our software closes this gap by incorporating machine learning algorithms to provide an end-to-end solution for the 3D printing manufacturing process.”

AMFG's part catalog. Image via AMFG
AMFG’s part catalog. Image via AMFG

More intelligent workflows

AMFG’s software is a workflow management platform that adds automation to four key steps of an additive manufacturing process, namely: quotation, workflow organization, product management and post production.

Key features include and an ability to generate instant quotations for 3D printed parts; automating CAD file conversion (to .stl or other) and file repair; monitoring the build status of parts in progress; and managing the post production stage through data analytics.

With the platform, every 3D printed part can be traced from end-to-end, making the process more reliable, and giving users to the ability to quickly identify areas of improvement.

AI capabilities of the platform include automated scheduling of 3D print jobs, printability analyses, and the complete post production control which intelligently organzises post processing workflows, and ensures parts meed quality assurance specifications before they are delivered.

Workflow management in the AMFG platform. Image via AMFG
Workflow management in the AMFG platform. Image via AMFG

Automation in 3D printing 

There is a clear demand within the 3D printing industry for software solutions that support and streamline the adoption of the technology. According to AMFG, 70% of OEMs are already implementing 3D printing, and the true test is how to integrate it within traditionally automated workflows.

Dassault Systemes hopes to create an on-demand 3D printing service with their 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace. While recently launched 3D printing service comparison site, 3DCompare connects B2B users with a global network of 3D printing bureaux.

“We want to help companies make their 3D printing processes much smoother so that they can produce more parts with greater visibility and less effort,” explains Karimi, “And we have more exciting releases to our software over the coming months that will further enhance our production automation capabilities.”

In a previous guest article for the Future of 3D Printing series, Karimi states that he believes “Additive manufacturing companies/departments will be under increasing pressure to innovate or exit the market.” You can read the full article from Keyvan here.

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Featured image shows a chart of AMFG’s capabilities. Image via AMFG