Advancing the digitisation of manufacturing with EOS, 3YOURMIND and Deutsche Bahn

The industrialisation of 3D printing and its role within Industry 4.0 is a key theme for 2017.

Working with EOS, 3YOURMIND created a software tool that, “guarantees that uploaded components are printable and optimized for the selected material as well as ensuring that 3D resources have maximum utilization.”

3D Printing Industry has met with 3YOURMIND several times, most recently at this start-up event. Stephan Kühr, CEO tells us that, “The mission of 3YOURMIND is to facilitate the simple implementation of professional Additive Manufacturing for companies of all sizes.”

However due to the large volumes of part inventories, which can number hundreds of thousands, “Determining which of these components are suitable for industrial 3D printing is done via manual part analysis or expensive 3rd party reviews of inventories.”

3yourmind win formnext start up competition. Photo by Michael Petch.
3yourmind win formnext start up competition. Photo by Michael Petch.

The AM Part Identifier

With this is mind 3YOURMIND has developed the AM Part Identifier that, “ensures that optimal production can begin right away with cost and time savings to ensure that the possibilities of AM become a core part of their business model.”

The Berlin based company believe that the tool has application for companies who are,

Searching for clear pathways to optimize their use of Additive Manufacturing and who are managing huge volumes of new and legacy parts, the AM Part Identifier can also be linked directly to their part database to receive updated reports in real time as additional parts are added or as advances in 3D print technologies enable cost-effective production of components and materials. It enables enterprise and medium-sized companies to make smart decisions about where to begin implementing industrial 3D printing.

The company tell us that, “The AM Part Identifier (AMPI) scans existing part inventories to determine optimal parts for Additive Manufacturing and guarantee a profitable transition into Industry 4.0.”

3YOURMIND AM Part Identifier (AMPI).
3YOURMIND AM Part Identifier (AMPI).

3D printing is disruptive at Deutsche Bahn

In addition to EOS, 3YOURMIND is also working with the Deutsche Bahn project, Mobility Goes Additive.

During the recent 2017 Materialise World Summit, Uwe Fresenborg CEO of DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung (Vehicle Maintenance) GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG gave further insight into how the process of digitising inventory is advancing.

Uwe Fresenborg at the 2017 Materialise World Summit. Photo by Michael Petch.
Uwe Fresenborg at the 2017 Materialise World Summit. Photo by Michael Petch.

Deutsche Bahn expect 3D printing to have a positive impact on the mobility sector, however Fresenborg advised that several key issues must be addressed. Such issues include creating a strong material base, a qualified supply chain process and changes in the digital supply chain. Specifically Fresenborg said, “The material database is a key barrier to making more parts,” by additive manufacturing.

Fresenborg’s group have a 2018 target of 15,000 digital models of inventory parts that can be 3D printed. DB has already made substantial progress in achieving this target. “At a minimum 3D printing will disrupt many business areas of logistics,” said the CEO of DB Fahrzeuginstandhaltung GmbH.

The Mobility goes Additive network of companies, institutions and research organisations in the mobility and logisitics branch welcomes new participants. More information is available here.

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Featured image shows a 3yourmind prototype for Deutsche Bahn. Photo by Michael Petch