3D printable compact NAS enclosure that stores up to 13 drives: technical specifications and pricing

3D printable files for compact, stackable ITX NAS enclosures are available on Czechia-based 3D printer manufacturer Prusa Research’s and Printables Store file sharing platforms. 

Designed by Haydn Bao, the NAS enclosure design is called MASS, or Modular Attached Storage Stack, and is available in two Models: MASS Free and MASS Premium. Both offerings incorporate a vertical, stackable design with minimal footprint, allowing users to build a high-capacity PC chassis that can fit into any workspace. 

MASS Premium supports up to 13 drives, and features PCIE slot support, a FlexATX PSU bracket, and will continue to be updated in the future. MASS Free offers 4x 3.5” bay support and can stack up to 8 drives.  

Users can 3D print the entire NAS enclosure on an FDM system with between 1-2kg of PETG filament. PLA is not compatible with these designs, given that they would be easily warped by the heat and stresses generated by the PC components.     

Bao’s MASS designs have recently received increased attention following a post on the official Printables X account, and an article from Tom’s Hardware. Both MASS Free and MASS Premium have generated a largely positive response from makers, with 1,136 likes and over 1,300 file downloads between Printables and the Printables Store to date.  

3D printed MASS Premium NAS enclosure. Photo via the Printables Store.
3D printed MASS Premium NAS enclosure. Photo via the Printables Store.

3D printable, stackable, and compact NAS enclosures 

A key selling point of the 3D printable MASS enclosures is their compact size, thanks to their vertical, stackable design. The MASS Premium has a core size (APU) of 210x199x162mm (203x199x151mm for the Free version), and a bay module size of just 199x162x150mm (199x150x150mm for MASS Free). 

As such, the MASS designs are some of the most compact NAS options currently available on the market, making them well-suited to workspaces of all sizes. The MASS Free requires a 3D print bed size of at least 200×200 mm to make, while the minimum 3D print bed size for the MASS Premium is 210×210 mm.

Featuring a fully modular body, the MASS Premium offers stackable drive expansion of up to 10x 3.5” and 3x 2.5” drives. 4×3.5” and 3×2.5″ drives can be stacked in the MASS Free model.  

3D printable components for the MASS Premium. Image via the Printables Store.
3D printable parts for the MASS Premium. Image via the Printables Store.

The MASS Premium also includes handles for easy manoeuvrability, PCIE slot support, FLEX PSU bracket, space for 5 drives per caddy, and additional fan modules which enable vertical cooling.  

The 3D print files of both the MASS Premium and MASS Free are reportedly optimized to ensure that makers can achieve high-quality parts on 3D printers of all price-points.  

Bao claims to have designed the MASS 3D print files with “an intimate understanding of the non-anisotropic strength properties of FDM.” As such, the parts are said to be properly designed to overcome layer splitting issues by correct orientation and 3D print setting. 

Additionally, the NAS enclosures require only one screw type, making them especially easy to assemble once 3D printed. Detailed 3D printing and building instructions are included with the MASS files, ensuring that both the MASS Free and MASS Premium are accessible to marks of all experience levels.

The MASS Premium. Photo via the Printables Store.
The MASS Premium. Photo via the Printables Store.

Technical Specifications and pricing 

MASS Free files can be downloaded for free from Haydn Bao’s Printables page here. The MASS Premium model files can be purchased from the Printables Store for $28 here.  

MASS PremiumMASS Free
Drive Bays Up to 10×3.5” + 3×2.5″4×3.5”+ 3×2.5″
PCI-E Slot1 Slot Low-ProfileN/A
Fans4x 140mm or 120mm3x 140mm or 120mm
CPU Cooler 66mm tall55mm tall
3D Printer Requirements Min. Bed 210×210240°C NozzleMin. Bed 200×200240°C Nozzle
Core Size (APU)210x199x162mm, 6.7L203x199x151mm, 6.1L
Bay Module 199x162x150mm, 4.8L199x150x150mm, 4.5L
Motherboard ITXITX
Material 1-2kg PETG1-2kg PETG
Handles Low profile and standard optionsN/A
Display Mod Top or Sides (Labs feature)N/A
Additional 2.5” Bays Optional mounts for 2×2.5″ drives in a 3.5″ bayN/A
Mechanical PBTOptional: use keyboard switch as power button.N/A

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Featured image shows the 3D printed MASS Premium NAS enclosure. Photo via the Printables Store.

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