$4 Million raised by PostProcess Technologies to automate 3D printing solution

3D Printing Industry readers may be familiar with PostProcess Technologies from our earlier articles about the Buffalo, NY headquartered company. Today, the company has announced closing a $4 million seed round, including a $1 million investment from New York Ventures, the venture capital investment arm of Empire State Development.

Founded in 2014 by Daniel J. Hutchinson, PostProcess Technologies, “automate post-printing for the industrial additive manufacturing.” Led by CEO, Jeff Mize the company say, “It’s the fourth industrial revolution and we’re ready to lead it.”

Mize describes the value proposition offered by PostProcess Technologies,

We continue to hear from our customers that the post-processing of parts is becoming the bottleneck in their additive operation as prototype volumes grow into the thousands per year and production volumes grow into the thousands per day.  Our technology delivers unparalleled consistency, while showing a return on investment that is often less than six months.

Post-processing for 3D prints

PostProcess Technologies offers, “automated and intelligent post-printing solutions that significantly reduce labor-intensive tasks.” Removal of supports and surface finishing are typically the most time consuming activities, and can also result in damage or inconsistency in finished parts.

The PostProcess Technologies solution is a patented hardware, software and consumable package. Among the range of hardware offered is BASE All Process machine that combines support removal, rinsing and drying. The post-processing unit,

Provides delicate to robust support removal with higher throughput using 360-degree  the spray agitation to ensure complete part coverage. By combining patent-pending Agitation Algorithms™ with precisely controlled energy and exclusive detergents, the BASE All Process delivers consistent hands-free support removal from 3D printed parts. The BASE comes with a built-in rinse capability to ensure detergent and residue are eliminated after the supports have been removed.

PostProcess Technologies BASE All Process machine. Image via PostProcess Technologies.
PostProcess Technologies BASE All Process machine. Image via PostProcess Technologies.

Meeting an exponential demand

Other investors include Rand Capital, Richmond Capital Partners, and “prominent angel investors from around the globe.

Founder and CTO Daniel Hutchinson said,

Additive manufacturing is now being implemented in every imaginable market across a wide variety of applications. We were intrigued by the complex challenge of solving the finishing requirements across all 3D printer technologies and materials. We are able to deliver unmatched results for our current and future customers through precision energy management, which we achieve through a combination of proprietary software, chemistry and hardware.

The funding will be used, to “accelerate technology developments (including proprietary software, hardware and chemistry) and expand its global Customer Experience Team to meet an exponential growth in demand.”

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Featured image shows before and after post-processing 3D prints. Photo via PostProcess Technologies.