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PYOD Stands for 3D Print Your Own [Richard]

A new Dutch startup, PYOD (pronounced “pie-odd”), is developing a smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices that will allow users to create their own custom 3D printed sex toys. PYOD is crowdfunding on Indiegogo to create and launch the smartphone app and dildo printing service, and looking to raise a total of €100,000.

pyod 3d printing sex toys

While designing your own dildo isn’t really a new service, nor is a 3D printed sex toy, I must admit that the smartphone app is an interesting twist. And, of course, one can never have enough 3D printed sex toys. I’d imagine that’s another way that they’re a little like Pokémon.

“Now that having fun in the bedroom is no longer a taboo, more and more people are getting aware of the many ways to please their body. Thanks to new 3D Printing techniques and the development of our own app, all that fun can be precisely shaped to your preference,” explains co-founder Maroeska Wijsbeek. “There is a rising demand for personalized products. We launched a Kickstarter initially but they found our content to be too explicit after three days, so we re-launched at Indiegogo.”

Here is their SFW Indiegogo campaign video:

Yes, apparently a smartphone app that lets users print things made of penis-shaped plastic was too racy for Kickstarter. What year is this again? They sell dildos in those junk catalogues that everyone’s mother gets in the mail now. Why are they too racy for the internet? Then again, I guess there is hardly anything sexual on the internet. Nope, nothing at all.

That’s a lot of zeros on that funding goal of course, but they have included some pretty desirable pricing for early adopters. An early buy-in of €29 gets you a customized sex toy of your own design. PYOD has also offered a €500 buy in that will let you design any sex toy that your sick mind can think up and they will make it for you. I know this company is in Amsterdam, but I really hope they know what they’re getting into with that reward.

pyod 3d printing sex toys
What? You mean you DON’T store your dildos next to your open lipstick and jewelry?

And, of course, because safety is always a concern when it comes to 3D printed sex toys, PYOD says that they will only produce your toy in a professional production facility that uses safe materials. They say that their toys will be printed in a food safe material, and that they have developed a smoothing treatment that will make it completely waterproof. That means that it can be used with any type of lubricant, and then washed and cleaned until its next tour of duty.

You can check out the 3D printable sex toy crowdfunding campaign too hot for Kickstarter (seriously, not hot at all, what the heck KS?) over on Indiegogo, and you can find out more about PYOD on their website.