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"Print the Legend" to Stream on Netflix (Sometime) Today

It’s September 26th and you know what that means… Print the Legend, the documentary about two start-ups trying to make it in the emerging 3D printing industry, is up on Netflix, kind-of, sort-0f.  The film’s page is displayed on the video-streaming site, but the play button is not.  Any minute now, you should be able to watch the stories of desktop 3D printing pioneers MakerBot and Formlabs via your, or your former roommate’s, Netflix account.  Until then, you can read our preview of the film here or watch the trailer for the flick below:

Though you can’t stream it quite yet, the user reviews on Netflix are already pretty favorable (maybe they caught it at SWSX?):

Print the Legend is really an amazing accomplishment. It’s not just the best documentary I’ve ever seen on entrepreneurship, it’s the best FILM I’ve ever seen on entrepreneurship. The filmmakers really captured a special moment in American history… and the filmmaking is excellent, which makes it really fun to watch.Although 3D printing happens to be a “right now” kind of thing, it’s not just a “right now” kind of movie. I suspect Print the Legend will be important for a long time coming.

Another writes:

Love this movie. Really learned alot about 3d printing. Thanks for making an awesome movie.

And one die-hard 3D printing fan took off from work just watch it on Netflix:

I took the day off to watch this movie on NF today. Yah, I like 3d printers that much! Only problem is that it’s not available yet? NF, why do you disappoint me every time???? Sat in on a Q&A at SXSW with the creators, and this movie sounds epic for any tech geek out there. I cannot wait to watch it! NF, please hurry up and make it available:)

3D print the legend documentary netflix

3DPI will be watching Print the Legend ASAP and submit our own review for your approval.  Should be up at any minute, right? If not, we’ll probably just try to find The Expendables 3 online somewhere because it’s bound to have 10 x the action stars and 100 x the explosions as any documentary out there.