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“Print the Legend” 3DP Documentary Coming to a Computer Near You, via Netflix

The newswires started heating up last night when Netflix, the increasingly recognisable Internet TV network, announced that it has acquired the rights to the 3D printing film “Print The Legend,” the 2014 SXSW Film Festival recipient of the Special Jury Recognition Award for Editing & Storytelling in the Documentary Feature Competition. Now dubbed as the Netflix original documentary, the film gets behind-the-scenes of the top American 3D printing brands “as they fight for dominance in the rapidly developing, groundbreaking field of 3D printing.” The release of the film — exclusively on Netflix, of course — is all set for later this year and will be available to stream in all territories where Netflix is available.

Might just need to subscribe, then! That or find someone that already does. So far I have resisted my teenager’s pleas, if she finds out about this, she’ll likely go for the jugular!

Accompanied by the usual spin lines of how 3D printing is changing the world with reference to human organs and guns, dismantling the world’s industrial infrastructure by enabling home manufacturing and the now compulsory ‘next Industrial Revolution,’  the film is presented as “both a 3D Printing Documentary, capturing a tech in the midst of its “Macintosh Moment,” and, even more so, a compelling tale about what it takes to live the American Dream.”

According to Lisa Nishimura, Netflix’ VP of Original Documentary and Comedy: “It’s so rare for a film to capture history in the making, and Luis Lopez and Clay Tweel have done just that in their skillful presentation of the elation and betrayals experienced by young entrepreneurs detailing the groundbreaking technology of 3D printing. This is a compelling glimpse into a game changing technology as it nears an inflection point going from the fantasy world of a few obsessed visionaries to a must-have technology that may enter every home.”

The guys that have made the film are obviously delighted: Luis Lopez, Clay Tweel, and producer Steven Klein commented, jointly:  “From the day we knew the 3D printing world would be our focus, we set our sights on a SXSW premiere. To premiere in front of the most tech savvy and entrepreneurial festival crowd in the world and partner with the Netflix documentary team – who work brilliantly at the cutting edge of distribution – is truly a dream come true.”

Regardless of the spin around it, I am really looking forward to seeing this film for myself.