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PostNord launches on demand 3D printing portal with 3YOURMIND

Swedish communications and logistics company PostNord Strålfors has officially launched its on-demand 3D printing portal powered by German 3D printing software company 3YOURMIND.

According to Ylva Ekborn, CEO of PostNord Strålfors, the new portal is “a next step to, in a simple way, make the 3D market more accessible,”

In addition, “We need to be at the forefront and take advantage of the opportunities that the digital development creates.”

Landing page of the PostNord 3D Platform. Screen grab via PostNord Strålfors

Industrial 3D printing on demand 

PostNord Strålfors confirmed its initial foray into 3D printing in February 2018 through a partnership with Stratasys. Acquiring a J750 full-color, multimaterial 3D printer, PostNord Strålfors launched its on demand 3D printing bureau service for the Nordic region.

Shortly after that announcement in March 2018, PostNord also confirmed a collaboration with Sony Mobile, incorporating its services into the 3D Creator app.

With the 3D Portal, PostNord hopes to target more corporate customers in the B2B market. It offers an entirely cloud based, encrypted 3D production service with access to professional design advice. The service is currently available for plastics only, namely: thermosets (acrylates), thermoplastics, ABS and nylon.

The multicolored and multi-purpose applications of Agilus 30. Photo via Youtube/Stratasys.
Sample 3D prints from a Stratasys J750. Photo via Stratasys.


3YOURMIND offers a number of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the additive manufacturing industry. Most recently, the company introduced its On Demand Production Network to give customers direct access to industrial 3D print services, cutting out large upfront setup expenses.

In collaboration with New York’s Identify3D, 3YOURMIND has become the first company to integrate enhanced IP protection for its services.

The logistical answer

In recent years, more and more logistics firms have been taking the initiative to launch their own on demand 3D printing services.

Since 2015, UPS has been in partnership with 3D printing bureau Fast Radius, and FedEx recently announced a realignment for customization-centric business FedEx Forward Depots.

In Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden at least, Ekborn confirms, “PostNord Strålfors strives to be our customer’s digitization partner,”

“Since we launched our 3D investment in the beginning of the year, we have received positive response and it is evident that more and more companies are exploring the possibilities of incorporating 3D solutions into their businesses.”

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Featured image shows a PostNord delivery truck. Photo via PostNord Strålfors