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Sony 3D Creator coming to PostNord with Stratasys 3D printing

PostNord, a Denmark based postal, logistics and e-commerce company, is collaborating with Sony Mobile to print 3D scans created with their 3D Creator app. The app is exclusive to Sony smartphones.

The move recalls a deal Sony made earlier in September with the French 3D printing service provider Sculpteo, which integrated Sculpteo’s services into the 3D creator app.

A smartphone first

The 3D Creator launched with Sony’s latest flagship smartphone, the Xperia XZ1. Though it has long been possible to create 3D scans with a single lens camera, Sony’s app is a first for a smartphones. 

Creating a scan with the 3D Creator is relatively simple. The object is first framed within an on-screen silhouette, the user is then required to circle the camera around the object whilst maintaining a consistent distance, finally a detailed map is obtained by moving the phone slowly across the object’s entire surface. The app guides users through each step.

Sony's 3D creator guides users through every step of creating a 3D scan
Sony’s 3D creator guides users through each step of creating a 3D scan. Photo via Sony.

On-demand printing made more convenient

PostNord already offers an on-demand printing service using the J750 full-color multimaterial 3D printer acquired as part of a partnership with Stratasys. Scans from the Sony Creator will be printed on the J750.

Given the triangle meshes currently produced by 3D Creator adding a texture and 3D printing in full-color dramatically enhances the final result.

The Stratsys J750 the world's only full color, multimaterial 3D printer
The Stratsys J750 full color, multi-material 3D printer. Photo via PostNord.

The collaboration is another step towards making 3D printing more accessible, the ease of use of the 3D Creator is something Yla Ekborn, CEO of PostNord, says “is groundbreaking when it comes to mobile creativity”.

An example of what Sony thinks the 3D Creator app could be used for. Photo via Sony.
An example of what Sony thinks the 3D Creator app could be used for. Photo via Sony.

Sony’s 3D Creator is shortlisted for a 2018 3D Printing Industry Award in the 3D Scanning Project or Application of the year category. You can vote now in the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards.

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