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Poietis granted European patent for laser-assisted 3D bioprinting

Poietis, a French biotechnology company, has announced the granting of a third patent for its laser-assisted 3D bioprinting method.

“We were the first to explore the industrial potential of laser-assisted bioprinting technology in various applications,” stated Fabien Guillemot, President and CEO of Poietis.

“The granting of this series of European patents further supports Poietis’ position in the field of 3D bioprinting.”

Laser-assisted 3D bioprinting

With five years of experience in the medical field, Poietis’ 3D bioprinting technology presents a novel process of developing realistic self-organizing cell structures. “Unlike conventional approaches to tissue engineering or extrusion bioprinting, laser-assisted bioprinting allows cells to be positioned in three dimensions with micrometric resolution and precision,” Poeitis states.

Its technology is being implemented in cosmetics to fabricate skin models, through a partnership with BASF. Poietis has also partnered with Servier Laboratories, a privately owned global pharmaceutical company, to create a liver toxicity detection model capable of identifying drug-induced lesions.

Most recently, the company has introduced a 4D bioprinting method in which tissue self-organization is programmed by designing the initial tissue architecture in CAD.  This improves the functionality of the 3D bioprinted tissues.

4D bioprinted skin equivalent models. Photo via Poietis
4D bioprinted skin equivalent models. Photo via Poietis.

The new Poietis patent 

Previously delivered in France, the latest patent issued by the European Patent Office, Patent No. EP3233499, is entitled “Laser printing method and device for implementing said method.” It follows the 2017 Patent No. EP2542659 entitled “Bioprinting Station, assembly comprising such
bioprinting station and bioprinting method” which relates to the adaptation of the printing patterns on substrates.

Moreover, in June 2018, Poietis had been issued Patent No. EP3234102 entitled “Method for laser printing biological components and device for implementing said method”, which covers the laser-assisted bioprinting and multimodal bioprinting processes in Europe.

“The grant of these patents strengthens Poietis’ intellectual property asset,” explained Bruno Brisson, General Manager and VP Business Development at Poietis. “It is also additional protection of important technological bricks that are integrated into the NGB-R, next-gen bioprinting systems that we commercialize now.”

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Featured image shows the NGB-R 3D bioprinter manufactured a 16 layers structure. Photo via Poietis.