3D Printing

Philadelphia Becomes First City to Grandstand with Banning of 3D Printing Guns

In what is most likely an act of paranoia or a strange sort of marketing campaign for the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia has become the first city to ban the practice of 3D printing guns. This comes after the release of at least two 3D printed guns and a statement from the Department of Justice expressing fears over such weapons. Despite the fact that the author of the bill, Kenyatta Johnson, is unaware of the additive manufacture of any firearm within the city, the city council unanimously passed a bill banning the practice, with Johnson’s director of legislation Steve Cobb admitting, ”It’s all pre-emptive. It’s just based upon internet stuff out there.

Just a reminder, for those of you who are terrified of 3D printed guns: 3D printed guns may be most dangerous to the person using one, as it will probably explode in his/her/zir hand and it’s currently easier to purchase more precise, reliable and dangerous weapons from your local WalMart or gun expo. In other news, I’ve pre-emptively banned the following in my apartment, you know, just based upon some internet stuff out there: cats that are grumpy, old men reading YouTube comments and lemon parties.

I apologize for sounding jaded in this post. While I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with banning plastic guns, I think that mass manufactured weapons are a much bigger problem in the United States.

Source: Philly Mag