3D Printing

A More Personal Shave Made Possible with 3D Printing from Phillips

Hairy Dutch folks will be excited to hear that Dutch consumer brand Philips has begun the year with a promotion limited to the Netherlands. Now, if you’re located in Holland, you can go online and design a custom, 3D printed shell for your Phillips shaver. You’ll have to act fast, however, as the company is only 3D printing 125 copies of the shell.

3D printed phillips shaver

At 3DShaver.com, you can begin personalizing your own shaver, selecting the size of the 3D printed scales, adding text, and choosing the type of guard you’re looking for, for beard or precision trimming.  You’ll notice on the site that Phillips has partnered with Twikit for the customization of this product. Twikit has previously partnered with Auchan to bring 3D printing to European mega-stores. The design is then 3D printed in SLS nylon from Shapeways, a natural partner for the consumer brand as Shapeways was originally spun out of the lifestyle incubator of Royal Philips Electronics. The device itself is based on the company’s 5000 series, but you won’t be able to get this level of personalization with an off-the-shelf shaver.

phillips 3D printed shaver

If you’re lucky enough to live in the Netherlands, not just because of this promotion but because of their great design scene and universal healthcare, you can head to the 3DShaver site now and register to get a $99 shaver. Not a bad price for a personalized product you might end up having to buy anyway? If things go well, who knows, maybe they’ll broaden the program to the rest of the world!