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Optomec Bookings Double, With Record Sales In Q3

Optomec has doubled its order bookings for the first three quarters of 2014. The company received a record amount of system orders in the third quarter when it gained more than ten new customers, including orders for both LENS 3D printers and Aerosol Jet systems. LENS 3D Printers are used for the repair and fabrication of metal components, whilst their cutting edge Aerosol Jet systems are used for industrial level 3D printed electronics.

optomec lens 7 3d printing industryOptomec is a privately owned global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed metals and printed electronics and is experiencing a successful year, with rapid growth in sales for their propriatory technologies. Most bookings were from industrial customers that will use Optomec platforms for production applications. The largest proportion of the sales came from US customers, over half of all orders. The other bookings were proportioned evenly between the European and Asian markets.

Dave Ramahi, President and CEO of Optomec said: “Our success in the third quarter continues the strong momentum we have enjoyed throughout this year, in which all tolled we have generated system orders from more than 25 new customers, many of whom intend to expand their installations as they move into higher volume production.

Another highly notable development is a new Aerosol Jet account that is focused on the high volume production of 3D Printed Antenna for Smartphones. This brings Optomec’s smartphone market penetration up to five customers.

optomec lens 3d printing

Also the company acquired a new industrial customer that is to utilize the LENS process in production for 3D Printed metal coatings. In another strategic development the company witnessed the successful production launch of its 3D Printed Sensor solution for Industrial Internet applications. Furthermore Optomec has made its first deliveries of the new LENS Print Engine product: a modular solution enabling the integration of the additive manufacuring of metal materials within a conventional Computer Numerical Control machine tool platform.

Mr. Ramahi continued: We are well on track to meet our goal of 100% growth in orders in 2014, and are likewise pleased to see Optomec users reinforcing the fact that 3D printing can bring tangible value and benefits in real production applications, well beyond research and prototyping.”