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Nipi Smart Cooler Design Perfected with 3D Printing

There you are, enjoying a beautiful summer’s day outdoors and, oh no, you have to charge your smart phone. Where, oh where can you find a USB charger in all of this nature? To solve this problem, Nipi Coolers launched a “smart” cooler and portable solar generator on Kickstarter that makes sure you can enjoy all of your modern creature comforts while “roughing it” outdoors.


On their Kickstarter page, the Nipi Cooler team, which includes Gary Miller of The 3D Print Bureau, says that Nipi functions as a partly solar powered cooler, charging hub, safe deposit box and “sleek accessory.” The cooler function of the Nipi keeps ice cold for up to six days! It is powered by two 14,000 mAh lithium polymer batteries which give it a total of 28,000 mAh, as well as solar panels that can be mounted on its outer lid. And the sleek design and LED lighting helps you party off the grid in style. You can even plug in your speakers to get in harmony with your natural environment at the beach, festivals, barbecues—wherever the wind takes you with your Nipi cooler full of 40s.

nipi smart cooler 3D printing

The Nipi sports a sleek design that was perfected through 3D printed prototyping using a Stratasys FDM machine with ASA UV resistance material. 3D printing prototyping was also used to produce the multi-material Connex handle grips. These were designed using Tango Black with a shore hardness of 70 to give them a TP overmold feel. The oversized wheels for the Nipi Cooler that allow you to pull the cooler over a variety of terrains were also prototyped using 3D printing processes, using Tango Black shore 80 material on their edges to improve the tread.


This cooler is defiantly pretty cool. It even includes another “survivalist” essential–an illuminated, lockable storage area that protects your valuables. What more can you ask for when taking a trip to the beach or out into the woods? You get a 50 quart cool storage area with a double insulated lid and super thick walls, plus a USB charger, a lock box and an LED light. If you want to support Nipi Cooler, take it easy, visit their Kickstarter page, and cool down.