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Ninjatek Releases Cheetah and Armadillo Filaments

NinjaTek has announced the global release of Cheetah and Armadillofilaments, two high performance 3D printing printing mediums designed to address common industrial needs, including seals, plugs, covers and chemical resistance.

Cheetah filament, similar to the animal its named after, is said to be the fastest and easiest filament to print flexible filament that is currently available on the market. This medium is said to print at speeds exceeding 60 mm/sec.  “The focus in developing this material was optimizing the user experience. As a result, our Cheetah material is not only easy to print, but it provides higher impact, toughness, and abrasion numbers than any other flexible material on the market,” saysWendy Booker, Vice President and General Manager. Suggested industrial applications for Cheetah include seals, plugs, hinges, sleeves and snap-fit parts.

Armadillo filament, inspired by the tough armour of an armadillo, is a high performing rigid material, providing 90% higher abrasion resistance than nylon materials. Its toughness ratings are also said to be superior to commonly used materials, 86 times greater than that of ABS. It is an excellent material to use for bridging, with virtually no warping issues. When you need a rigid product that can withstand wear and tear, the Armadillo resistance to fracturing makes it a perfect replacement. Suggested industrial applications for Armadillo include: braces, fasteners, gears and protective covers.

NinjaTek invites users to visit their website, where they can find technical data, suggested printer settings, and online purchasing options for these and other NinjaTek products.

About NinjaTek

NinjaTek is the 3D printing materials division of Fenner Drives. With a focus on high performance materials, NinjaTek leverages the ISO 9001 certified production capabilities of Fenner Drives to create and manufacture high quality 3D printing materials. Fenner Drives designs, manufactures and sells customized solutions for power transmission, motion transfer, and conveying applications.

With over 200 employees and ISO 9001 certified production facilities in Manheim, PA and Wilmington, NC, the company develops products and services to meet the changing needs of industry.