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Read on for updates on the latest appointments from Radtech, and facility openings and expansions from 3D Systems, NCDMM, TITK, and more.

Micky Fortune has been promoted to the role of Associate Executive Director, Education and Outreach. Photo via RadTech.
Micky Fortune has been promoted to the role of Associate Executive Director, Education and Outreach. Photo via RadTech.

RadTech appoints new Associate Executive Director, Education and Outreach

RadTech, the non-profit trade association for the ultraviolet and electron beam (UV+EB) technologies industry, has appointed Mickey Fortune to the role of Associate Executive Director, Education and Outreach. 

Having spent nearly two decades with RadTech, Fortune has spearheaded several new opportunities and initiatives for the association in addition to overseeing RadTech conferences and educational programming. Alongside his new role, Fortune will continue to provide key services to the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) to advance ultraviolet technologies for public health and the environment.

“To the great benefit of our nonprofit community, Mickey approaches his work with engagement, creativity, leadership, and the desire to provide tremendous service,” said Gary Cohen, Executive Director of RadTech. 

“His recent accomplishment of almost single handedly developing, shooting video, and editing our important new environmental health and safety video series, is a prime example of his wide ranging skills and contributions.”

3D Systems to expand facility space by 50 percent to meet growing healthcare and industrial application demand 

US 3D printer OEM 3D Systems has announced plans to expand its facility space by 50,000 square feet in order to fulfil rising demand for new healthcare and industrial applications of its advanced polymer and metal 3D printing technologies. The expansion in Denver, Colorado, will support the company’s healthcare business and increase the industrial application development capabilities of its Application Innovation Group (AIG).

Regarding its healthcare business, the extended facility will enable 3D Systems to accelerate time-to-market, expand its offerings, and better support the needs of its growing customer base. The expansion will also increase the production capacity for its patient-specific craniomaxillofacial applications in addition to facilitating the development and delivery of new joint replacement offerings.

Through the infrastructure investment, 3D Systems will add expertise, multiple 3D printers, and large-scale post-processing equipment to improve the services provided by its AIG. This will enable the company to address new and more complex industrial applications for industries such as aerospace.

It is anticipated the expansion will be completed in the second quarter of 2022.

Featured image shows a line of ProX SLS 6100 machines. Photo via 3D Systems.
A line of 3D Systems’ ProX SLS 6100 machines. Photo via 3D Systems.

NCDMM creates new LLC in Huntsville to increase 3D printing adoption in Alabama

The National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) has created a new Limited Liability Company (LLC) named the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation and Integration Center (AMIIC) in a bid to accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing in Alabama and create a highly skilled workforce in the area. 

The AMIIC will be based in Huntsville and equipped with a state-of-the-art demonstration facility. The company will significantly expand the available workforce, training, education, and apprenticeship programs on offer in the state, and will be tasked with meeting the modernization manufacturing needs of the US Army as US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Aviation & Missile Center.

“The creation of AMIIC further underscores NCDMM’s strong commitment to the Department of Defense, its supply chain, and the long-standing partnership we have with the US Army here at Redstone Arsenal,” said Mike Docherty, NCDMM Manufacturing Technology Director. “In providing advanced manufacturing technologies that support the modernization goals of the army, we will contribute to filling the gap in skilled manufacturing labor in Northern Alabama.

“Through AMIIC and its demonstration facility and all the workforce development, training and education opportunities, Alabamians of all ages will be prepared to fill these highly skilled positions.”

TITK to invest Covid funds in new SLS 3D printing center

The Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK) has received €550,000 investment from the Corona special funding program, and will use the majority of the funds (€446,000) to acquire a new 3D printing center for SLS and in an extrusion system for catheters made of silicone. 

With these systems, functionalized polymer materials can be processed into components and semi-finished products. TITK hopes the new 3D printing center and extrusion system will further enhance its competencies in the development and functionalization of advanced materials.

“Thanks to this important support from the state, our technical infrastructure will continue to keep closely to the needs of industry-related research,” said Benjamin Redlingshöfer, TITK Director. “And last but not least, we are pleased for the first time about funding for an urgently needed digitization project.”

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