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Nano Dimension to Bring Electronics 3D Printing to the NASDAQ Next Week

As it heads to the NASDAQ, Israeli electronics 3D printing pioneer Nano Dimension is attempting to drum up investors with a continual news flow leading to the big IPO. After obtaining approval from the NASDAQ to begin trading, the firm has secured a date for the first day of trading. Starting March 7, 2016, American depositary shares of Nano Dimension will begin trading under the symbol “NNDM.”

Nano Dimension-216(Lena)

Nano Dimension has developed both a unique technology and materials with which engineers can prototype or produce one-off PCB boards. The DragonFly PCB printer is designed to quickly print complex, high-performance, multilayer circuit boards, with the latest model capable of both inkjetting nanoparticle inks, like the company’s own AgCite™ line of conductive material, and cleaning. In turn, engineers can 3D print multilayer circuitboards, RFIDs, and OLEDs.

Photo by Davide Sher.
Photo by Davide Sher.

Amit Dror, Chief Executive Officer of Nano Dimension, says of the new listing, “Becoming a NASDAQ-listed company is an important step in our overall corporate development strategy as we look to increase awareness of Nano Dimension within the U.S. investment community and expand our presence in the U.S. market. This listing adds to recent milestones for Nano Dimension, including the confidence placed in our products by top-tier U.S.-based beta customers, a manufacturing agreement with Flextronics, new patent applications to further solidify our leadership position in the industry, as well as recent research grant approval from Israel’s Chief Scientist.” He adds, “As we list our ADSs on NASDAQ, our ability to communicate our progress with a broader audience, raise the visibility of our strategy, and generate more value for our shareholders will improve significantly.”

With the Bank of New York Mellon acting as depositary, each US share will represent five ordinary shares in the company, which also trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange under “NNDM.”