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The Modular MM1 3D Printer Opens Up, Bears Gifts Upon KS Funding

The modular MM1 3D printer, from MakerMax, has successfully completed its crowdfudning campaign, currently over its goal of $50k by about $8k, at the time of this writing.  With that bonus dough, comes bonus prizes for the Kickstarter’s backers.  Not only are the funders receiving some goodies, but the open source community will be too, as MakerMex as announces that the entire MM1 platform will be open source.

Paste Extrusion with MM1 3d printer

The MM1 is a modular 3D printer that allows users to interchange print heads for a variety of fabricating tasks.  Aside from the single and dual head extruders, the MM1 can be outfitted with a high temperature extruder, a flexible filament extruder, or a paste extruder (embedded in 3D below) for printing in food, clay, or other viscous materials.  They also have one non-extruder module, which is an auto-bed leveling module.

Upon exceeding their funding goal, MakerMex has decided to add to its campaign, a light duty milling module. For $249, backers can swap this component – equipped with a high-speed motor, a variable speed controller, and a drill bit chuck – to their MM1 printer. On top of that the company has made available a new RepRap upgrade kit, which will give users the opportunity to take upgrade electronic hardware components from existing 3D printers, making their own RepRaps that much more functional for $399.

This latter bit of hardware ties directly into MakerMex’s open source philosophy. All of the MM1 files will be available for download on the RepRap site, so that anyone can begin designing their own modules and make, both, the MM1 and other RepRaps even more adaptable. MakerMex founder Sam Weatherly had this to say about making their design open source, “If the technology we used to invent the MM1 wasn’t universally available, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Because of that, we want to make sure that MM1 files are available to anyone who wants to use them. This open source platform will foster creativity and innovation in our younger generation.”

In addition to the RepRap upgrade kit and new mill head, MakerMex has added a new stretch goal.  If they can reach $75,000, backers will also be able to upgrade their MM1 3D printers with an expanded build area, stretching the Z-axis from 20cm to 40 cm.  There are only a few more days left, however, to achieve this goal, as their campaign ends on November 1.  If you’re interested in learning more, check out the campaign page here or watch the KS video below: