3D Printing

Take a Ride in the Millennial Trains Project's 3D Printing Hackerspace

How do you improve upon the idea of such mobile hackerspaces as GE, Motorola, and Fujitsu‘s 3D printer-filled RVs and trailers? Make your own 3D printer-filled train! The Millennial Trains Project has taken the concept of a mobile hackerspace and thrown it on rails with a 10-day train tour stocked with Cube 3 and CubePro 3D printers, Sense 3D scanners, tablets, and computers.

millennial trains project mobile 3D printing hackerspace

For two years, the Millennial Trains Project has brought entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators on a train trip across the country, stopping at major US cities along the way to help their millennial passengers connect with each other and US communities to develop ideas for businesses and organizations meant to spur growth in the country.  So far, the project has seen young people develop ideas around race relations, sustainable energy, and immigrant-run businesses in the United States.  To help fuel the ideas of the trip’s participants, last year’s tour was sponsored in part by 3D Systems, giving the train its very own makerspace equipped with 3D Systems 3D printers and scanners.

CEO and founder of MTP, Patrick Dowd, has announced that next year’s tour will again hurdle through the country with 3D Systems products, stopping in LA, Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans, Atlanta, and Washington DC.  You can already apply for May’s MTP tour and fully take advantage of the mobile makerspace’s 3D printing tools to start a business, but there is a catch.  You have to crowdfund your way on-board the train.  The first 20 applicants that can successfully complete a $5,000 Indiegogo campaign earn themselves a spot on the MTP train.  So, get on there and propose a 3D printing project that will make our community proud!

For more information, watch their mini documentary below or visit the MTP website.