3D Printing

MHOX Grows into Consumer Products with 3D Printed CARAPACE Accessories

Ever since I met the guys behind Studio MHOX, Alessandro Zomparelli and Filippo Nassetti, I have been amazed (through Filippo’s Facebook posts as well) by their vision for a future made of generative biomimicry products. Much of this vision is embodied by the CARAPACE PROJECT, which began as research on a wearable mask to shield eyes or ears from visual and acoustic bombardment.


While the masks have been able to attract consumer attention, their generative design software approach has now been applied to a line of real consumer products (something the studio is not entirely new to). The Carapace Accessories are a collection of fashion accessories including bracelets, earrings, a necklace, and an iPhone 6 cover.

Closely based on software-grown, geometrical shapes that are based on natural forms, the accessories “blend biological aesthetics and futuristic manufacturing, introducing radically new products,” says Zomparelli.

CARAPACE PROJECT - cover - 003

The Carapace pattern is inspired by the microstructure of crustaceans’ and insects’ exoskeletons,” he continues, “[they are] biodigitally grown through a generative simulation, which differentiates the objects’ areas, enabling us to modulate their structure, resistance, and permeability.” The lightly porous surface gives the accessories a more natural feeling, which is reminiscent of a bone structure.

Much like the other products in MHOX’s collection, each object is 3D printed via laser sintering in a strong and light nylon. This means that the collection is entirely designed and produced in Italy, which is as close as it gets to a guarantee of style and fashion.

CARAPACE PROJECT - necklace - 002