3D Printing

Meditation by Design: Sloris 3D Prints Embody The Spirit of Their Artist

Anyone watching the 3D printing industry regularly can attest to the global and artistic influence at play in every aspect of production. As if answering the call for an archetype representing such a narrative, Sloris breaches the market with inspirational 3D prints drawn from conceptual spaces and traditional art mediums. MG, an artist of the road, presents the lush images of her oil paintings and antithetical formation of a working product in various 3D prints available through Sloris.

sloris 3d printing jewelleryWhile MG cites Shane Taylor’s commentary on FabMe Jewelry for inspiration to approach such an enterprise, Sloris takes the concept and embodies on the truly modern characteristics of 3D printing. Sloris is a truly mobile business. MG and her partner run the operation from laptops with the help of staff in New York, but the U.S. born artist started Sloris in Thailand, launched the proprietary website from Spain, and currently responds to contacts from Italy. The freedom from boundaries promotes growth as an artist and characteristics extolled by the 3D printing industry, a community rooted in developing concepts, in subverting expectation and complacent associations with forms and functions.

sloris 3d printed jewelleryThe affordable prints range from the cute and quirky to aesthetic and figurative. A cute mini-top-hat looks like a sketch from Alice in Wonderland that easily affixes to your head with a hairpin. The glasses take advantage of the holeyware design in a variety of cups and a pitcher; all of which present the hole that does not leak. An antithetical reality suddenly becomes possible thanks to imagination and the innate process of 3D printing. Finally, the infinity loop appears in various forms of jewellery. The loop began as a painting and found its 3D printed form in the guise of rings, earrings and necklace pendants. As the loops intertwine and wrap into themselves like tubes reaching for its beginning as it nears its end, some sense of the feminine in nature and body exudes from each piece. Sloris’ story is a 3D printing story in part because of the prints themselves, of course, but also because it is global and because it is artistic. MG seeks to provide through design a meditative relationship with experiences in everyday life as ritualistic as making tea. Sloris is her answer and personally, I think it is a good one.