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Macy's Shoves Millennialism Down the Throats of Unsuspecting Shoppers… Millennials Too Distracted to Notice

Finally recognizing a new consumer demographic, department store mainstay Macy’s has vomited their idea of what a Millennial is all over the basement of their flagship store in New York City’s Herald Square.  Dubbed One Below, seemingly a combination of the band One Direction and the level they’ll sink to to remain relevant, the 53,000-square-foot store is a collection of tech goods, apparel, cosmetics, food, and more, all aimed at shoppers between the ages of 13 and 22. Not only is the electronica-thumping shop bigger than every Macy’s Backstage store in the US, but it’s stocked with 3D printers, to demonstrate just how with-it the 150-year-old retailer is.

one below selfie wall at macy's
The selfie wall at One Below

Though it may look cheap, with selfie walls and neon signs, One Below is one facet of a $400-million renovation taking place at the flagship store.  As a pilot to grab young shoppers, One Below sells fashion labels like Material Girl, Roxy, and XOXO and the shop’s exclusive American Rag label.  These brands are augmented by tech found in the department store’s basement, including wearables like the Fitbit, a laser-etching machine to embroider Levi’s jeans, and a Fossil desk where shoppers can build their own watches with personalized engravings.

prom dresses for millenials at One Below
Some tacky homecoming dresses.

Last, but not least, is One Below’s 3D printing section, in which customers can 3D print iPhone cases and jewelry with a 3D Systems’ Cube 3D printer.  This will be expanded with a 3D selfie booth, possibly the newly upgraded 3DMe booth from 3D Systems, where they’ll also be able to order 3D printed replicas of themselves.

3D printing section an One Below Macy's
Relevant technology

Though tech-savvy, but jaded Xennials (a portmanteau of Gen X and Millennials conceived by my wife, Danielle) may roll their eyes at One Below’s desperation, it’s only a pilot that will, hopefully, never be repeated again.

All photos and details via Bloomberg Business.