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LayerTrove: the latest 3D printing platform

A new platform for high quality 3D printing models has just been launched by Scotland-based 3D printing company LayerTrove, who also happen to be the great minds behind the design-sharing site, Design Share Make. The new website was developed as a way to curate an exclusive collection of 3D models and designs that are readily available and downloadable to anyone with access to a 3D printer. Also on the website is a growing blog, focusing on all the latest developments in desktop 3D printing.

3D Printed Hulk LayerTrove
Image courtesy of LayerTrove

LayerTrove CEO Ross Maddox explained the importance of the new website launch, saying,

“With roughly 1,000 desktop 3D printers sold everyday, the demand for 3D printing models is growing rapidly. Whilst there are millions of models available for free, many of these are low quality with some not even printable. Our customers love LayerTrove’s tried and tested content, which saves them a lot of wasted plastic and disappointment.”

LayerTrove, however, doesn’t plan on stopping here. In the coming future, the company hopes to expand its collection of high quality 3D printing models. With their easily accessible models, they intend to give those with a desktop printer, but without design skills, the option join in the world of 3D printing without hassle. They ultimately believe that, “the more high quality content available to print, the more likely desktop 3D printing is to go mainstream.”

Professional designs on the LayerTrove website are available from as low as $4.99 and from a variety of recognizable categories from The Simpsons and Disney characters to replicas of the NASA Space Shuttle. While most models that are currently available for download seem to be novelty and decorative items, we may see more practical designs in the future as the platform becomes more popular.

LayerTrove differs from sharing platforms like its sister site Design Share Make or others like MyMiniFactory in so far as each of their designs are curated and developed in-house by their own professional artists (hence the price tag) as opposed to uploaded open source files available elsewhere. Additionally, according to LayerTrove, each design also goes through extensive testing in order to ensure the highest quality models available.

3D Printed Space Shuttle LayerTrove
Image courtesy of LayerTrove
3D Printed Steam Engine LayerTrove
Image courtesy of LayerTrove


Featured Image courtesy of LayerTrove