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Sculpteo Adds Online Laser Cutting Service

France-based Sculpteo announced on September 8th the addition of advanced laser cutting and engraving services to its growing suite of digital manufacturing and prototyping solutions.

Customers can order their laser cutting service directly online and get delivered within days as long as they upload their 2D files in supported formats (among which .svg, .ai,.pdf, .dxf). Ideally, the platform is designed to perform the following functions:

  • Understand the color scheme;
  • Allow the customers to confirm or tweak the settings until perfect;
  • Let the customers choose which material, color and thickness they want;
  • Preview the outlook of a work in the chosen material option;
  • Help customers check and edit the scale;
  • Instantly updates the quote accordingly
Image: Sculpteo
Image: Sculpteo

The company is also now offering mainly four materials: cardboard, plywood, MDF and acrylic. They each come in various types, thicknesses and colors. This could amount to a total of 60+ material options.

Image: Sculpteo
Image: Sculpteo

Over the years, Sculpteo has been dedicated to the continuous progression in the quality of its online 3D printing service and gained the trust and satisfaction of customers worldwide. It is also during this period, they gradually realised the demand for efficient laser cutting service after surving their clients, who usually combines the two technologies together in their project.

The addition of laser cutting and engraving service will hopefully make a proper supplement to what they have already achieved. This move probably indicates a manufacturing future where multiple technologies are utilised simultaneously in mass production. We may see Sculpteo as a practitioner of such idea, as is displayed in their platform —— the factory of the future.

Image: Sculpteo
Image: Sculpteo

The factory of the future

A platform combines various direct manufacturing techniques online. It allows the user to go directly from a design to an object, and produce the object with the materials and techniques that fit the needs. At Sculpteo, this means 3D Printing and Laser Cutting on one unique interface.

“Digital manufacturing represents a transformative opportunity for small- to mid-sized manufacturers seeking to gain competitive advantage.Laser cutting is the next logical phase in our plan to become a one-stop resource for a wide range of advanced digital production processes from prototyping through manufacturing.” (Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo)

Feature Image: Sculpteo