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Key 3D printing industry insights offered by Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR)

New York based Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR) are now offering analytical insights into the top 3D printing industries on a consultancy basis. Industries currently within remit are the areas of medicine, metals, and plastics, though they plan to expand into aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries over the course of 2017.

Preview of Additive Manufacturing Research report chart. Image via:
Preview of Additive Manufacturing Research report chart. Image via:

As a subscription-based service, AMR offers clients a three-part package of monthly reports, annual summaries and up to the minute telephone consultations with the company’s expert analysts. It is ideal for those with a keen interest in 3D printings financial development, especially those looking to test the water when setting up a new venture.

Lawrence Gasman and Scott Dunham, are the founders behind the service. As presidents of  SmarTech Publishing, the pair already conduct forecasting within the manufacturing industry, and will be harnessing additional expertise from 3DR Holdings Alan Meckler for the project. Though there are other firms out there providing basic forecasting of the industry, AMR are keen to be the authority on the subject, drawing quality analysis from the founders as active industry insiders, rather than those merely “in the know”.

Investments in the 3D printing industry have become an almost daily occurrence. This past week alone, 3DPI have covered a multi-billion dollar doubling of funds to Autodesk,$2.5M investment in 3D modeling startup Vectary and Polar3D’s $2M acquisition, so the a service that effectively identifies and quantifies these opportunities couldn’t be more in demand.